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The bit before the baby…

At exactly one week past my estimated delivery date (and approximately 3 weeks past the point at which I I went into labour at 8pm whilst watching Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets. Phil had gone to bed at 3pm that same day with a migraine, which we really should have taken as [...]

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Weekend Wonderings

When you’re wide awake between the hours of 3 and 5 am every.single.night (not even feeding, just lying there, looking at the cutest, most wide-eyed, goddamn AWAKE baby in the entire world) and you’re trying desperately to keep things quiet, calm and night-time-ish, there’s very little you can actually do to amuse yourself. I don’t [...]

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Any Other Photo {Lorna and Dave}

It’s been a long time coming, (a year and one month to be precise), but we finally have Lorna’s Any Other Photo! Hurrah – what a way to end the week! I’m going to let her off for it being so late though, because it was absolutely worth the wait. It reminds me of those [...]

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Saving Our Bookshops

I recently met Katielase in the British Library gift shop.  In one hour, we exchanged perhaps eight words with each other.  Occassionally we would catch sight of each other and wave the nearest book above our heads, in hysterical excitement.  We lost each other a few times. Many of us harbour a deep-set love of bookshops and libraries.  [...]

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Jobs for The Girls: The Butcher

Lucy Stendall sent us a message a little while back asking if she could write a Jobs for The Girls post. Not for herself (we’ve already done that), but for a job that she has always found fascinating (she’s told me many a time that if she wasn’t a photographer, or a lawyer, this would [...]

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Any Other Hen Do: So, What Happened?

We had our hen do.  It was brilliant.  It really truly was.  I’ve gone a bit nuts with the photographs.  I just want you all to feel like you were there.  I knew it would be brilliant when I clocked Anna (the genius behind the beautiful Skin and Blister Blog) casually waiting outside the pub, holding [...]

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How Infertility Taught Me To Find Joy In The Small Things

Amanda’s post is, on the surface, about a struggle with infertility.  It’s actually about more, so much more than that.  It’s about what happens when life doesn’t go to plan, and you’re a planner.  About what happens  when the dream doesn’t come true, and you’re a dreamer.  And about how you pick your battles when they [...]

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Weekend Wonderings

After yesterday’s sheer bloody amazingness (seriously, Anna, Aisling and I just kept messaging one-another with wilder and wilder adjectives to describe how damn great it was), we thought it only right to carry on celebrating and fighting for women everywhere, into the weekend. Cue The Women’s Room. I only discovered them yesterday, but I love [...]

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International Women’s Day 2013: Closing thoughts

Honestly, I am bowled over. Today has been even better than we could have imagined. The posts, which were incredible by themselves, inspired so many articulate, thoughtful, wonderful comments, and every single one of you has added something, just by being here, by reading, by thinking, by commenting, tweeting, or posting. Thank you, everyone. International [...]

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International Women’s Day: Be they any other woman.

This isn’t our round-up post, that’s at 9pm. I know, we’ve spoilt you today, haven’t we? We kept this to post at the end of the day though, bevause it could be our round up post. Katielase has nailed it, just nailed it. KL, thank you. I wanted to write something inspirational for today. On [...]

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