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The bit with the baby…

Happy Thursday, one and all. Firstly, allow me to apologise for the bonkers length of this post. Sorry. Secondly, what with it being Easter this week, we’re taking a wee break and eating All The Chocolate over a lovely long weekend. (Stella and I are going to see Anna and Mr K. *excited face* We’ll [...]

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Being an imaginator

On our first evening we waited for the boat to take us up river to the markets.  I’d remembered the light at dusk, how it seems to last hours, how it makes everything richer, and then dips too suddenly into night.  I’d wanted to show it to Ant.  We stood on the pier and watched the fishing boats coming [...]

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Educated and Unemployed

This is a post that we needed to have on AOW. It’s about a subject that is not talked about often, and that even as strong, confident women, can still induce shame. It’s crazy really, but we wrap so much of our self-worth up in our careers, our jobs, that when we don’t have one, [...]

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On Jane Austen and feminism

Sometimes we get posts that say out loud something that you knew subconsciously, but didn’t realise you knew. This is one of those posts, at least for me. I have always loved Jane Austen’s books, ever since being given Mansfield Park to read as part of my A-Level English Lit course. Asked to read the [...]

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Weekend Wonderings

Ohhhhh….readers. I’ve just discovered World Book Night.  It’s a mass engagement project designed to inspire people who don’t have the opportunity to regularly read to do so.  In the words of the website itself, “World Book Night is a celebration of reading and books which sees tens of thousands of passionate volunteers gift specially chosen [...]

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Any Other Photo {Lauren and Gerry)

Lauren sent this in to us with an email saying ‘I’m not sure if this is allowed, because it isn’t a wedding photo, but I thought I might as well submit it and see’, so it was with some trepidation that I opened the attachment; ‘Is this going to be something we’re happy posting as [...]

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Girls will be boys will be girls will be….

It seems that International Women’s Day this year got us all pumped up.  We’ve had several submissions since IWD from you that show how important you feel raising awareness of the inequality that exists still is. In a world where asking for help in a toy shop will can elicit the response ‘are you looking [...]

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Is The Grass Always Greener?

I love this submission by Claire.  She hits the nail on the head.  I honestly do not know one single female who does not go through the well-documented meltdown that starts with “my life’s a mess.  Hers isn’t.  She’s got a clue.  She’s so sorted.  She’s married.  She’s got a house/a car/great shoes/a proper job.  I don’t.  [...]

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International Women’s Day: Behind Closed Doors

  At Any Other Woman, you can talk about anything. Anything you want at all. Any subject, any time. We are proud to be able to provide that platform for you, it makes our hearts sing. But we do understand that sometimes there are topics that are too sensitive, too divisive, simply too hard to write [...]

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International Women’s Day: The Encore

Due to a major scheduling issue (basically, I messed up, big-time), we somehow managed to miss out not one, but two bloody brilliant posts on the day itself. We discovered it that night, and rather than tagging them on to the end, we decided that they deserved their own space, so we’ve decided to post [...]

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