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Self-esteem and mortgage advisors

Morning, readers.  Welcome to the week before Christmas.  We’re kicking off with a belter today from Katie, aka Katielase, she of the brilliant Simplified Science posts, she who I met last week and entirely forgotten I’d never met before as she’s so warm and authentic and funny and has not an atom of pretence in her [...]

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Weekend Wonderings

I was all geared up to share a certain film trailer with you this weekend, (no Katielase, not The Hobbit. Though, whilst we’re on the subject, does anyone else think of Katie when they see Martin Freeman running down that hillock yelling ‘I’m going on an ADVENTUUUUREEEEE!’ It can’t just be me, surely.) when lovely [...]

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Any Other Photo {Emma and Daniel}

Another Friday, lovely readers. (One more until CHRISTMAS. I KNOW.) And another Friday means another Any Other Photo. But this is not just *any* Any Other Photo. This is a submission that had Anna in bits and me sobbing like a small child the minute in landed in our inboxes. Its magic is in its [...]

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Zero to Three. Headlong into the unknown. Joy. Pain. Excitement. Adoration. Love. Late nights and early mornings mingle, tangle together incomprehensibly.  The world is far away, behind a mist. You glow, like a beacon through the fog, giving me direction. Fatigue. Blur. Existing. Surviving. Managing. Love like no other; fierce and honest and true. Inhaling [...]

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AOW A-Z of Getting married – Q is for on the QT (…or Eloping)

  The AOW A-Z of Getting Married is a resource for brides (and grooms) to be.  It’s a welcome piece of sanity in an industry-saturated world where people are bombarded with what weddings they should have, what they should act like, and how a bride should feel.  Created by the team behind Any Other Woman, this A-Z is the first [...]

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Second Chances

I love this post by Amy, the genius behind Field & Fallow.  I  love its eloquent anger.  Anger at how it’s become acceptable that  violence against women just happens, and how it’s become at worst celebrated, at best ignored, in popular culture.  And it’s not just the Daily Mail in on the act.  It’s women, [...]

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Pass the grapefruit…

It’s finally happened. I have cravings, readers. Actual cravings. I need grapefruit and I need coffee and I NEED THEM NOW for crying out loud. I suppose that really, I should just take up smoking, move to New York and be a supermodel. Grapefruit, coffee and cigarettes…that’s how they roll, no? I think we can [...]

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Weekend Wonderings

I read this this week, and realised…This is all any of us want, no? Image from Dear Photograph (I defy you not to lose yourself for hours). Happy Saturday, readers. You’re welcome. “Dear Photograph, You were taken one month before these two love birds were married. He was a decorated World War ll Veteran and [...]

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Any Other Photo {Martha and Stu}

I wanted so badly to try and make why I love today’s AOP poetic and elegant and tear-jerky. So badly. But after sitting here for what feels like days grinning like an absolute loon at it’s swoonableness (yes, yes I did just make up a word) and nodding like the Churchill dog at Martha’s wise, [...]

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Things My Mother Taught Me

‘I’m her mother, not her best friend.’ That is how my Mum will respond, should you ever meet her and feel inclined to ask her how we have such a good/close/happy/lovely/sickeningly awesome relationship. As a teenager I’d get really upset when girls said, ‘oh, my Mum is my BEST FRIEND EVAHHHHH’ and talked about how [...]

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