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Good morning, you delightful bunch.

I’m in my swankypants hotel right now, probably abusing the Breakfast Menu and being giddily excited about the days events unfolding…I love a wedding, I do.

Today’s Weekend Wonderings comes to you after I saw 2 minutes of ‘The One Show’ last week (can’t stand cringey TV – I was just too lazy to walk across the room and get the remote at the time) and caught their feature on ‘random acts of kindness’. Cue floods of tears from me as tales of drivers paying for the car behind them at toll bridges and mysterious benefactors paying for young families lunches were told.

And then I found this website. It’s not super pretty, a little corporate, really. But when you delve into it, be warned; you won’t come out for hours.

Here are  a couple of my favourites…

I went grocery shopping a few weeks ago. When I was checking out there was a woman with a little boy behind me in line. He saw the cheese I was buying & started crying loudly because his mother told him it was mine & not for him. When I finished checking out I opened the package of cheese & gave him one of the wedges (individually wrapped). The biggest smile came over his face & his mother thanked me profusely. I didn’t do this for the thanks; I just hate to see a little one so upset over something that simple.

Today, I witnessed a “random act of kindness” – it was this: A lady who had 2 special crutches because her legs didn’t work very well was walking extremely slow towards the doors of the movie house here in town – no one was with her or around her as she neared the door – I was personally, about 40 cars away from her so I couldn’t have helped her soon enough – when a man who was driving by in his work’s van (it was an elevator company van) saw her, backed up, parked along the side of the roadway, got out of his van and went and opened the door and held it open for her long before she reached the door. There’s a place in heaven for people like that. I don’t know who he was but I publicly want to say thank you to that man.

I was having lunch at Olive Garden the other day and a young Military couple were sitting near me. I live near Fort Drum a major Military base here in the East. I decided to show my appreciation to the military men and women who fight for us every day. So I bought that young couple their lunch. I didn’t know what they had ordered and didn’t ask. So I didn’t know what it was going to cost me much. It for sure wasn’t near the price it might later cost that young man in uniform sitting there.

Go forth and be awestruck at the soul and spirit of the human race. Then try and decide what your random act of kindness will be…I want to go to Wales just to pay someone else’s toll fare…

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  1. Lara Blue
    Posted September 30, 2012 at 11:05 am | Permalink

    Thanks Aisling- that was a cheery weekend read :) The personally-experienced random act of kindness that is most vivid in my mind happened a few years ago. I can’t remember the exact circumstance but I was at a bus stop, I realised I’d lost my bus pass, my phone was dead, I didn’t have any money with me and I was upset (possibly at the situation, maybe it was “one of those days”, perhaps there was something else going on…). A woman waiting at the stop obviously figured out my predicament and gave me money for the bus, without me having to ask…at the time, I wouldn’t have been surprised if she’d unfolded angel wings and gracefully flown away (okay, maybe I’d have been a little taken aback!). But seriously, this made such a difference to me. Looking back now, the situation I was in doesn’t seem that dire – I’d could have easily caught a taxi and rustled up money at home- but at the time, I was close to tears, I had no idea what to do and was contemplating walking the hour and a half journey home.
    Since then, I’ve always tried to be kind at bus stops (writing that, I realise that it sounds faintly ridiculous), I give away my day tickets sometimes walking a couple of stops away from where I got off to find someone (I’ve worked out now that you can slip it onto the bus timetable but I still prefer to give it to someone in person); I look up the bus tracker on my phone for people at the stops where I know they won’t be able to themselves; I give directions if I hear people are lost or are unsure or which stop to get off; I always let the elderly on the bus first & help people with prams\shopping if I can…I even got to give someone money for a ticket when they were short recently. I’m not trying to boast about how kind I am, I just want to explain how something seemingly small made a huge impact on me and that’s the true beauty of random acts of kindness- they go forth and multiply! :)

  2. Esme's Mum
    Posted October 1, 2012 at 9:21 am | Permalink

    You can pay our Severn Bridge toll next time we venture into England if you like :o )

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