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Morning, all!  Anna here, butting in to say that Katielase posted a picture of this cake on Twitter and I, completely reasonably, demanded that she send us the recipe, stat.  The girl did good.  In her email she said “this was genuinely like a Bakewell tart met a cherry cake, fell in love and made cake babies. And the cake babies had a gooey marzipan centre”.  I cannot be the only person who now wants to have an affair with this cake.

Erm…am I?  Because if so, this might be awkward.

Happy weekend, readers.  Over to you, Katielase:

This weekend I did something I haven’t done in years and years; I baked because I felt like baking.  For a long time I have baked for other people, for occasions or for visits, or because they asked me to…. and I LOVE that, I love baking for others. But this weekend, just because I stole a cherry out of Gareth’s cocktail and therefore developed a craving for cherry cake, I found a Good Housekeeping recipe for this cake and I baked for me. And I have to say; I made one of the tastiest cakes I have ever made. Could have been the sense of relaxation, the stress relief and the feeling of doing something just for myself.  Could have been the gooey marzipan. It’s 50/50.

I should mention here that while I love to bake, and I can bake, and people often ask me to bake for them, I would not say I’m a brilliant baker. I’m not a natural. Natural bakers are methodical and precise; any baking book tells you that precision is key. I’m a chaotic baker, the only reason I’m even halfway decent at it is because I adore cake so much, but I’ve dubbed my kitchen the entropy kitchen because it epitomises the concept of creating yumminess despite intense chaos (that’s the second law of thermodynamics in my head). So please don’t imagine that this cake requires huge amounts of skill, it mostly requires an ability to vaguely follow a recipe, and eat lots of cake mixture along the way.

Cherry and Marzipan Cake 

200 g butter

200 g caster sugar

4 beaten eggs

200 g self-raising flour

200 g glace cherries (buy two packets, because one tub = 200 g and if you’re anything like me you’ll eat at least half a tub during the baking process. That’s totally normal).

100 g ground almonds

1/4 tsp almond essence (in my kitchen this equates to a ‘few drops-ish’)

250 g marzipan (I just tore off roughly half a packet, it seemed to work)

50 g toasted flaked almonds

Icing sugar, for dusting (both the cake and every surface area in your kitchen, including several you didn’t realise you had)


Mix the butter and sugar together until light and fluffy, and then slowly mix in the eggs followed by the flour. Add the ground almonds, almond essence, and chopped up cherries and stir through.

Pour half the mixture into a cake tin, the recipe recommends an 20 cm/8 inch cake tin, but I left mine at a friends house recently so I had to use a bigger one, I think it was 10 inches (which is around 25 cm, maybe?!).  Roll out the marzipan to a circle just a bit smaller than your cake, and lay it on top of the mixture that you’ve put in the tin. Then dollop the rest of the mixture on top and spread it roughly flat. Bake in the oven for 1.5 hours at 160°C, covering the top with foil after the first hour to avoid burning. When it’s done take it out, leave it to cool in the tin for 20 minutes and then transfer to a cooling rack. Here the recipe recommends you leave it to cool completely. If you can do that, I applaud you, I lasted about 15 min. The cake apparently serves 12, in my family it served 5, just. It was good cake.

This cake smells so good that I ate two slices before getting around to taking a photo of it. I have no idea how people can bake and then arrange the product for beautifully framed photographs before they cave and tuck in, I am not that girl.

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  1. Posted August 4, 2012 at 7:46 am | Permalink

    We have identical baking and eating methods. The only time I get photos of my cakes is when it’s for someone else which means I can’t eat it and therefor have time to photograph.

    Love the idea of marzipan baked in. Hour and a half sounds a long cookif time though? Will try and remember to try this out x

  2. Sandra C
    Posted August 4, 2012 at 8:15 am | Permalink

    Ooh, I’m having a baking day today-this is now on the list. But WAnnaS about the cooking time-is it right? I mean I don’t know, I’m just checking before I begin. It sounds amazing. And looks it too. xx

  3. Katielase
    Posted August 4, 2012 at 9:21 am | Permalink

    The recipe does say 1.5 h at 160 degrees. It took more like 1 h in my oven (with foil over for the last 20 min), but because my oven is psychotic and always always cooks way above temperature, I decided to write the instructions as in the recipe book! But I would probably check after around 40 mins, cover with foil if it’s starting to brown too much, and check after that with a skewer until it’s ready (the skewer won’t come out clean because the melted marzipan will stick to it but you should be able to tell if it’s just marzipan or also cake mix).

    Also, that phase where it says you need to leave the cake to cool in the tin for 20 min? That. Is. Essential. I re-made this cake two days ago, tried to take the cake out of the tin after 5 min, and discovered that a layer of melted marzipan does nothing for the structural integrity of the cake. It collapsed. Still tasted amazing though.

    K x

  4. Sandra C
    Posted August 4, 2012 at 9:23 am | Permalink

    Thanks-that’s good to know-my oven runs hot too. xx

  5. Posted August 5, 2012 at 6:05 pm | Permalink

    Katie, you bake just like I do. This cake sounds like heaven, it’s my marzipan/glace cherry-loving husband’s birthday next month and now I know exactly what to make for him. He is going to be SO happy!


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