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Helen King Photography

At AOW, we are committed to you, our readers, and to preserving the environment of support and trust that we have created.  We want to share, read about, encourage and learn about your lives, likes, loves and dislikes. The sponsors we accept and promote here on the blog will only ever be for companies that [...]

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How to exhale – Mahj

Mahj emailed me months ago.  Can I post on my anniversary?  Can I?  Of COURSE you can.  The lady  who kisses like he’d returned from war gets an annversary slot.  We’re reasonable, like that.     Mahj has written something which in her own words is “reflective and a bit Mahj-like” .  All I know is that it’s so very honest, and so [...]

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Weekend Wonderings

Awesome Women Of Twitter.  Because gin and cake deserve a friend. Bookmark it, readers.  Run by the brilliant Ashley Fryer (follow her @ashleyfryer… tea will come out of your nose, but follow her), Awesome Women Of Twitter is a collection of simply brilliant posts written by a collection of women on Twitter, ranging from street harrassment to sex [...]

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Any Other Photo {Katie and Gareth}

It’s here. IT’S HERE! Katie’s AOP is here, readers, and you are going to love it. We love it. Anna did the submission dance before she’d even SEEN it, she just knew it would be awesome. She actually decided to wait until it went live to see it, to ‘get the full Katie AOP experience’. [...]

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The Friend That Made Me Me – Vivienne

This is a humdinger (an underused  word) of a Friends post from the lovely Vivienne.  You may remember Vivienne from her incredible AOP ( with her Gran throwing confetti, the one that had us all in bits).  She’s written a tale of friendship that began with horse riding and has remained through death, marriage and the [...]

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Ask AOW: Date Night

Who does it? Does it work? How do you make it work? Is it necessary? I sort of want to leave the post like that, and let the magic that is the sisterhood of AOW fill the comments with their wisdom and experience, but I feel that I should probably write a post consisting of [...]

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Kind for free

Readers, I warn you.  This is Anna K drivel of the highest degree.  I’m not feeling very wise today, nor particularly angry about anything, so the only thing I have to write about is my life.  ***** My cousin came to stay over the Jubilee weekend, whilst Mr K was in Hong Kong.  She saved me [...]

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Simplified Science: Polycystic Ovary Syndrome

Seeing how much you guys loved, and how well you responded to, Katie’s posts on How The Pill Works, with clipboard carrying hormones named Barbara and Robert, and Anxiety, complete with hormones dressed like members of SWAT, we knew that we needed Katie to write more. So, we tied her up and threatened to force [...]

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Project Fatty to Fitty

The issue of body image is something we’ve discussed on the blog before, whether it’s been a quest for perfection, the pressure of the dress, and even a call to get naked. We all have hang ups, however ridiculous they may seem to others, and it takes a lot of courage to share them with [...]

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Weekend Wonderings

Welcome to the weekend, folks! I’m going to stick my head above the parapet and tell you that I’m a pretty good cook. It’s a real passion of mine and I love immersing myself in a tome from my groaning cook book shelf and tinkering with a recipe.  To my mind, there’s nothing better than [...]

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