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I cannot tell you, readers, how excited I am to be telling you about Helen King Photography today. When we bring you sponsors, you know the drill, we want to bring you their history, their stories, their passion for what they do. Not just what they sell. Sometimes people need some coaxing to bring out what drives them; they are used to different kinds of advertising where it’s solely about their product, they aren’t used to telling a story.

Not Helen King Photography. Her pictures tell a story, and so does she.

I asked Helen about her background. How did she get into photography? Did she always know it was the path for her? Her story echoes many of ours – almost falling into something that wasn’t quite right. “After I graduated from university with a degree in English Lit & Philosophy I floated around different jobs before settling into Retail Visual Merchandising. I found the creative side of the business fascinating but ultimately the only career progression available was into retail management. Needless to say it didn’t really fit with who I was or where I wanted my career to go. I have always been driven to follow a career that allowed me to flex my creative muscles and really didn’t want to let that dream pass me by as I ploughed along in a job I didn’t love.

I have always found photography fascinating, I remember as a little girl of about 8 once using an entire role of film taking photos of some friends up the street who had recently been bridesmaids, asking them to pose underneath our lovely blossom tree! (True story; needless to say I was in trouble when that film came back)

It was when my husband and I got engaged that the dream of a career in professional wedding photography really seemed like a possible reality. Often our dreams seem so far off and unreal, something some other lucky person gets to do. But as I researched deeper in the world of wedding suppliers it became something tangible, something that I could do!”

I think pursuing our dreams is something we’d all love to do but there are so many things that stop us, and make us feel that we can’t turn the dream into reality. How did Helen have the guts to make the leap? “I am a very lucky lady and have a very supportive husband by my side who didn’t want to watch me wither away in a passionless job, and he was the one who gave the confidence and the little push I needed to take my dream and run with it! We invested in some camera equipment and off I toddled to photograph a friend’s wedding. A very trusting friend with endless confidence in my abilities, happily she was delighted in the photos and it has been non-stop from there.”

The risk Helen took paid off. We’re conditioned to think that we have to follow the path we studied, or prepared for. Helen didn’t do that. That takes immense courage. It’s almost as if you can see that ability to seize the moment and go with her gut instinct captured in Helen’s photographs. “Of course you learn something new every day, and I learnt a lot of what I know from books and developing through practice and experience. Although I have never officially studied photography, I think the basis of good photography is a creative eye and you can’t learn that.”

So let’s say you meet Helen, you like Helen, you book Helen. Apart from photographs that make you catch your breath (and they do), what can our readers expect? “They can expect just me and my cameras! It is simple but so important, there is no pretence and no glamorous marketing I just want to capture weddings in beautiful and timeless photographs. Clients can get to know who I am and what I am about before their wedding, we will meet as often as they like and they can keep up to date with the daily goings on in the world of Helen King Photography through my blog page, facebook and twitter. So by the time I come to photograph their wedding we will feel like old friends! My wedding packages are fully customisable so couples can pick and choose whatever they want to make their wedding photography perfect.

I always stay all day, and when I say all day I mean all day! I will be there in the morning as the bride puts on her makeup and the flowers get delivered, all the way through documenting every moment right up until the party is in full swing in the evening. I love every part of a wedding and want to record it all, plus I love to have a boogie so staying until the party is a no brainer!”

Er…anyone else want to grab Helen and go for cake?

I wanted to know what Helen values most about the service she offers. What does she believe she gives that is different, that makes her stand out in a world saturated with wedding photographers? “I am proud that Helen King Photography offers a wedding photography service that really is warm and friendly and a lot of fun. It is just me and my cameras and I think that makes my style genuinely relaxed and unobtrusive; I build relationships with the happy couples that mean that their day is spent with friends and not some strange pair of eyes behind a huge lens. When a client forgets that you aren’t actually just a guest at the wedding and that they are actually paying you, it is a true delight. Ultimately this experience makes the photographs that I capture all the more real, and when the couple look back through their images years down the line they can remember every smile and feel every tear.”

I can vouch for Helen’s ability to build a relationship. I wanted to know more about what motivates her. What makes her get up every day? What makes her believe in her business? And readers? Her answer blew me away. It’s like she distilled Any Other Woman into photography form. “I am an old fashioned romantic, probably from reading too many novels, and I believe in marriage! I love weddings, photographing them is a real privilege and not something I take from granted. Every wedding is different and my drive is to capture the individuality of each and every wedding. I approach each one excited to see things is a different way and create a collage of moments that are truly unique and of course beautiful.”

See? Perfect for Any Other Woman. Helen’s photographs don’t hold back; they show the joy, the love, the nerves, the fear, the liberation. “I want every couple to get what I would want for my own wedding photographs, and I have very high standards! A bride’s mother once sent me a thank you card that brought a tear to my eye and epitomises what I want for every couple when they look through their album, ‘When showing the album to friends and family – they commented how special it was and that they felt like they had lived through the day. A few people were moved to tears when looking through it! –You certainly captured the emotion’. I think that says it all.”

So let’s get to the meaty stuff. I can see Helen’s a perfect fit for Any Other Woman in many many ways. But the relationship has to be about more than pretty photos and drive. Why does Helen want to work with Any Other Woman in particular? What is it about our community that appeals to her? This response deserves to be in a Different Colour. Because Helen just nailed it:

“AOW is a collective of such smart, insightful, passionate and witty women, why wouldn’t you want to work with that? Although I have only fairly recently discovered AOW I am hooked. It’s funny and frank, and feels somewhat like a haven in the storm; everybody has difficult things in life to face and the honest and sometimes raw way that they are discussed on AOW makes you realise that you are not alone. It’s about strong women succeeding, struggling and sometimes failing and its life affirming.”

I feel a tag line coming on.

We then got on to feminism, my soap-box subject. I loved what Helen had to say about feminist sensibilities mixing with percieved “traditional” female roles – as someone who believes in fighting the feminist fight whilst wearing four-inch heels and baking cake, this was music to my ears. “I have often been branded a feminine feminist by friends and family. I have high feminist morals, which I developed during my university dissertation on feminist literature, but I am an old fashioned lady who loves to cook and wear frilly aprons! Finding a community of like-minded women who are proud of who they are and of the stories they have to share, was like coming home.

I hope that Helen King Photography would be a good fit to anyone that wants a real and beautiful reflection of their wedding day. I think that AOW readers know what they are looking for and have a clear vision of what they want. They want to make the decision and in a wedding industry that seems so over saturated with suppliers and ‘wedding blogs’ AOW is a somewhere readers can escape the bombardment and find suppliers that are like-minded and accessible.”

Got in in one, Helen.

So, readers. If any of you are getting married, and want a photographer that gets you, understands what you’re about, and will do everything in her power to give you beautiful wedding photographs that tell your story and reflect who you are, Helen King Photography may well be for you. We wholeheartedly commend her to you. And if you do decide to work with Helen? Please, please send us through the pictures. With an AOW reader’s commentary and Helen’s ability to capture moments, it really is the perfect combination.

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  1. Posted July 23, 2012 at 3:19 pm | Permalink

    I want to get married again so I can have Helen there boogying with her camera! She is, without a doubt one of ‘us’ – a perfect fit for AOW. Hurrah for lovely sponsors x

  2. Becca
    Posted July 23, 2012 at 3:51 pm | Permalink

    Thats Stubton Hall! The bottom one with the blue stairs.

    • Becca
      Posted July 23, 2012 at 3:51 pm | Permalink

      Note I am not getting married there because I don’t like their normal suppliers but its SO rare to find pictures of local weddings.

  3. Posted July 23, 2012 at 4:11 pm | Permalink

    I really loved reading this. It’s so lovely that Helen really ‘gets’ AOW. Perfect fit. Hurrah!

  4. Martha
    Posted July 24, 2012 at 10:57 am | Permalink

    Amazing! The best wedding photos are always the ones taken by someone who unobtrusively captures the emotion and are not staged. I know this to my cost as many of mine were too staged, I felt. We even forgot to ask the photographer to take a single one of just us: whoops. Helen will be in high demand after this post! Question: has anyone else found they have become obsessed with other people’s weddings since their own?! I cant get enough! :-)

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