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Drawing the bikini line

Before  sitting down to pen this post, I went through the Four Stages of Post Denial that I ALWAYS go through whenever I’m about to discuss a subject that, shock horror, has been talked about somewhere else on the Internet, previously.    “Oh no, it’s been done before, it’s been done better, readers will be [...]

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Sweet Freedom

This morning, readers, we host our favourite pub-landlady-turned-analytical-chemist Sandra, with her first piece for the blog. One part analytical chemist, one part wise owl and one part funny lady – this post is the very essence of Sange.  It’s a timely reminder to not sweat the small stuff, though written in a way that has [...]

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The Feminist Housewife

Today we’re delighted to bring you a piece from Samantha – stay at home mum, blogger, business woman and all-round clever sausage. She regularly writes of things affecting women – whether it be political, emotional or practical – and whatever her subject she writes with understanding, grace and humour.  Below she talks about her choices [...]

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Weekend Wonderings

This week I’ve taken some holiday. Mr M has been away on a cricket tour so I decided to take some time off and have some me time. A real holiday where I shut myself off from communication. I lasted two days. Yep, 48 hours. Sad, isn’t it? There’s a blog post on its way about [...]

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Any Other Photo {Sarah and Adam}

There are many reasons that this Any Other Photo melts my heart. Not just the expression on Sarah’s face, or the pride on  her Dad’s, or the way the tourists are looking at the beautiful bride-to-be,  or the way family and friends chipped in to prevent disaster striking (although all four get me).  It’s the triumph of what [...]

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The Girl Effect

AOW is all about women. We talk about women’s issues. About what being a woman is really like. We discuss how we know when we’re ready to have a baby, how men and women still aren’t equal, and how hard it is to know what path to choose in life. They’re all valid and important [...]

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Any Other Boot Camp

Readers, readers, readers… Thank you for all your brilliant comments on my Life of Pie post.  It made me happy to realise I’m not alone, and since then, well, life slowed down.  Slightly.  And now I’m living it, rather than other other way around.  And you know what happens when I’m back in the saddle?  [...]

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Just Married: Kristelle and Dan

You know we love a wedding story here at AOW Towers. What can be better than a tale of love with a happy ending? Well, one with just the right amount of drama, of course! Throw in a farcical member of the clergy and I’m sold. Hook, link and sinker. A big thank you to [...]

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An escape to India

And now readers, time for something completely different. I don’t think that there are many of us who haven’t, at some point, had the desire to just pack up our lives and head off to somewhere completely different. To start again, or at least take a break from our own reality. To get a different [...]

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Real Married: Needing A Home

Readers, it’s time again for another dose of the lovely Real Married, Esme.  Esme has a new blog, called Esme Wins (read why Esme wins here) and it’s a corker of a read, as is all her excellent writing.  I command you to get over to it, now, and bookmark as though your life depends [...]

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