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6 months in: Behind the pictures

When someone tells you that motherhood is the hardest thing they’ve ever done, you just nod and smile, and look vaguely sympathetic, don’t you? It’s almost a cliche. People say it, and you don’t really listen. But have you really thought about what they’re saying? That what they are doing right now is harder, more [...]

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Real Married: Home

Morning, readers, and welcome to the next Real Married installment.  Esme’s written about all kinds of things for her column, and this post is particularly meaningful.  On the surface it’s about bricks and mortar but it deals with feelings of failure, the expectation of being married, and how to cope when your story doesn’t play out the way you wrote it [...]

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Jobs for the Girls: Analytical Chemist

Here at Any Other Woman we don’t shy away from asking difficult questions and our ‘Jobs for the Girls’ series is no different. This is not a wishy-washy Q&A session where we ask you to list your GCSEs and describe what’s in your desk drawer. This is about what makes you tick. We want to [...]

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Any Other Business…Introducing Sarah M

Last week when I elaborated a bit more about our motivations behind setting up a blog as a business, I hinted that we had some exciting  news to announce. We do.   And today is that day. When we were going through the mega-panic at the end of last year, trying to figure out how to [...]

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Simplified Science: Anxiety

We had such a brilliant response to Katie’s last post on the pill that it was inevitable that we asked her back for more. She manages to take something which could be boring, or at least too technical for those of us with no science background, and make it truly accessible, and what’s more really, [...]

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Things I wish we were taught at school – Amy F

Readers, I know it’s Monday.  But this post is worth getting out of bed for, I promise.  It’s Amy F, the magician behind Field and Fallow, and she is writing about the things she wishes we could have been taught at school.  The really useful lessons, as well as the algebra and the science experiments and the [...]

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Weekend Wonderings: Carrot Cake

Weekend wonderings seems to be naturally becoming quite food and drink related…does that say something about where our heads are at the weekend?!  Anyway, this recipe is brilliant. I can categorically state that, having been on the receiving end of the finished article several times in my short time in KL, as it is a [...]

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Any Other Photo {Helen and Ben}

Oh readers, have we got a Friday for you.  When Helen emailed me this AOP, she said “I’ve been hesitating because I realised that even though lots of the photos featured are unexpected or not technically perfect, they are still often darn beautiful! I didn’t think mine fit in. But re-reading the submission information finally [...]

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Anna K Gets A Grilling: Setting Up A Blog As A Business

A few weeks ago, following my post about what I’ve learnt in my first year of blogging, the lovely Hollie, the brains behind the brilliant blog Outside Office Hours (Go.  Read) emailed me to ask me about setting up a blog as a business.  ”Good God”, I thought.  ”What do I know?  I honestly feel like [...]

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Life’s little irritations…

Readers. We are nothing if not diverse. This week we’ve covered topics as wide ranging as alcoholism in your family to how to be the best possible best-man, we’ve had way too many pictures of a smushy baby with food all over her face and Anna’s beautiful letter to Mr K on their third wedding anniversary, and [...]

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