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Weekend Wonderings: Baking For Dummies

Happy Saturday, readers…today we’ve got Frankie coming to the rescue with a recipe for “Chocolate cake for people who don’t know how to bake”.  I KNOW there are some of you out there…I remember the furor following me not being able to find my balloon whisk.  I firmly believe that cakes should never be bought [...]

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Any Other Photo {Allyson and Victor}

When Allyson’s AOP dropped into my inbox I did a double take.  To my left was a window, and outside of that window was rain, and a street, and a bin.  In front of me, on the screen, was a bride and groom in front of a backdrop so much bigger than they are.  I [...]

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Money, Money, Money

If my blogger life were a play, there’d be a crescendo of euphoric music right now, and I’d be shaking in the wings, ready to make my debut performance.  Rehearsals? I’ve had a few (understudy performances in which I played the bride, the irritable old lady and even the fighter spring to mind). Today I’m taking [...]

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Things you don’t appreciate until you have a baby.

Sleep. Blow-drying your hair. Washing your hair. Brushing your hair. Choosing your clothes based on what you feel like wearing, not on what is clean, is unlikely to ruined by being vomited on/having pureed spinach smeared into it, and vaguely fits your new, post-baby body. Your pre-baby body. Your body in general.  It is awesome. [...]

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Why everyone needs a joint 60th

I’ve always been a firm believer in time away from relationships and life as you know it.  In the same way that when I moved to London I needed a weekend in the country every month or I’d explode, in the same way I need time away from Mr K and away from my job.  [...]

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The Friends That Made Me Me: Bex

One of the things I love about reader Bex (who blogs over at The Olive Dragonfly) is that whatever she does, she commits to one hundred per cent.  She doesn’t just look forward to things, she gets I-can’t-breathe excited.  She doesn’t just take a couple of pictures, she takes a whole exhibition’s worth.  And she [...]

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Rainbow: An Interview

At AOW, we are committed to you, our readers, and to preserving the environment of support and trust that we have created.  We want to share, read about, encourage and learn about your lives, likes, loves and dislikes. The sponsors we accept and promote here on the blog will only ever be for companies that [...]

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Making the Leap

We’ve talked before about work, on Any Other Woman, and how, if at all, work should define you.  I am firmly in the “yes it should” camp, many of you vehemently disagree with me.  Lorna sent me this piece and made me realise what can happen when you take one side of that argument to [...]

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Weekend Wonderings

Back in launch week, we ran a fantastic competition giving away a watercolour portrait, courtesy of Allan Williams Artwork.  We were super excited about this for many reasons (who wouldn’t want a portrait this beautiful in their home?) and we were dying, dying I say, to see the final result. The lucky winner of the [...]

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Any Other Photo {Emily and Keith}

It’s Friday! Again! Hurrah! And make that a double hurrah, because I can guarantee you are going to love this picture (well, actually, there are two pictures. We let Emily sneak an extra one in, because we’re nice like that). This AOP is a combination of every single great AOP ever. It features love, fun, [...]

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