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I had the best wedding. No, *I* had the best wedding.

This post by the lovely, talented Sarah M puts a grin on my face every time I read it (four times and counting).  Because it reminds me that yes, my wedding WAS the best wedding ever.  And quite…why shouldn’t I think that?  Why shouldn’t every bride? Thank you Sarah, for reminding us that it’s ok to be [...]

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Walking away from a bad relationship

This post isn’t what you think it’s about, but it is still going to be oh so relevant to so many of you. I for one am someone who no longer works in my field of study (umm…Geology anyone?), and I didn’t even take it any further than BSc level, so for those of you [...]

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One year of blogging: the lessons

This time a year ago, Aisling and Clare asked me to join the blog.  I said yes, and then proceeded to spend much of my holiday in Kefalonia surgically attached to my yellow AOW notebook, writing down ideas, terrified I would run out of things to say over time. I haven’t run out of things [...]

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Weekend Wonderings

I first saw this quote in the Callooh Callay bar in Shoreditch, East London.  It’s Alice-in-Wonderland themed and I was drinking a Swinging Priest cocktail.  There’s nothing I can say that this poster doesn’t already.  But we’d all be a bit better off if we lived with this as our mantra, no? Happy weekend, readers. [...]

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Any Other Photo {Joy and Matt}

I think we may have a new contender for most utterly beautiful Any Other Photo ever. No. Really. And not only that, Joy has given us another reminder that no matter how nervous you are, how terrified you are of being the centre of attention, that on the day, in that very moment, pffffft.  Nervous [...]

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A birth story {Part the Fourth}

As she is lifted out of the water and placed on my chest she is so utterly calm. No crying, just big blue eyes looking up at me, wondering what on earth had just happened. In fact, she didn’t cry for the first twenty four hours. Apparently that’s quite normal – both hypno-birthing and water-birthing [...]

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Jobs For The Girls: PhD Candidate

You loved our inaugral Jobs For The Girls post, where we interviewed the lovely divorce-lawyer-turned-wedding-photographer Lucy Stendall.  This is the series where we get behind what makes women choose the fascinating careers they choose, what drives them, what the job involves, and aims to either inspire you, our readers, to try a different career path [...]

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Friends in far flung places

Oh boy, can I relate to this post. It’s something that I think we’ll all relate to in one way or another. Growing up puts all sorts of pressures on friendships. Differing life choices to reconcile, moving on to different life stages, just growing apart. But on top of all that, we are now facing [...]

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Celebrating Forty

After I wrote my piece about turning thirty, Rachel (Joan Hunter Dunn of the marvellous Flowers and Stripes) told me she’d like to send in her take on turning forty.  This is that piece.  I love it because it looks back with Rachel’s signature dreamy, hazy style, and because it asks questions about age, and our [...]

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A Passionate Affair…with a house.

So, readers.  Since I saw you last…I’ve been a little busy. I got myself a new job.  I bought myself a house.  (Admittedly Mr K may have had something to do with the latter). The house is beautiful.  I wanted the house from the first moment I saw it, one cold January afternoon.  I wasn’t [...]

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