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Well, well well readers.  Do we have a treat to tell you about today.  The story of Pen and Cam McKinley-Rodgers and their beautiful photography that makes Story Catchers

All photographs by the astounding Pen and Cam at McKinley-Rodgers Photography

Pen and Cam have worked  together for most of their married life.  They’ve been married for just over 10 years and have been busily growing their incredibly successful photography business focusing upon wedding celebrations across the UK and Europe.  In Pen’s words: “we have come to the understanding that love is ever-present in everyone’s lives (not only at weddings!)…you just have to look for it.”

It’s like AOW in photography form, no?  This fits with everything Any Other Photo stands for.
Story Catchers has evolved from Pen and Cam’s existing business quite organically, as they (in Pen’s words) “document and explore the ‘days in between’ where true love lives.”. 

Let’s just take a moment to take that in. 


Pen and Cam are a photographic partnership that works on location; whether it be in a client’s front room, secluded river path or bustling cityscape.  They employ an reportage style that allows them to observe and document their subjects unobtrusively.  This encourages them to relax and be themselves, allowing Pen and Cam to capture authentic, poignant moments as they happen.  

Pen and Cam offer 3 packages of varying durations.  Their One Day package spans the entire day and documents a day in the life, particularly of family life.  Typically, they are at thier client’s home prior to the children getting up, documenting the family greeting a new day and starting their various activities.  Over the course of the day, they witness and document “the love present in the smallest of gestures and the beauty of the moments in-between“.  The day culminates with the family meal and little ones preparing for sleep.  

Pen and Cam also offer packages that cover a smaller portion of the day; whether it is a baking session with mum, an afternoon at the park, or to celebrate an anniversary.

And as if that wasn’t enough…this is the bit we’re super, super excited about.  Pen and Cam are currently developing workshops (available at the end of the year) to offer to people support and inspiration in capturing and telling their own stories.  It will focus upon developing a story telling narrative and consider aspects such as composition and light, through to constructing photo books and albums to effectively preserve and share their memories.

I love the values behind what Pen and Cam do.  As Pen puts it perfectly: “We have developed a very intuitive partnership; and in a fast-moving setting this has really contributed to our successes.  We are immensely proud of the feedback we have received from clients communicating that we have captured the true essence of their relationship / family; and that we have been able to photograph them as they see them themselves (if that makes sense!).” 

Yes, yes it does. 

Their ethos fits right in with AOW, too.  “We are inspired by love stories…we have come to understand that love is ever-present and manifests in countless forms.  Our focus is to document it and help our clients preserve their love as honestly and sympathetically as possible.”

I asked Pen why she wants to work with AOW readers.  “What really attracted us to the AOW blog and readership is that it picks up the baton where the wedding tends to drop it.  As wedding photographers, we love a fabulous wedding.  We love everything it represents, but when the party is over, what are we left with?  The magical threads which sew these celebrations together.  I love this on AOW’s About Us page: “And, this blog grew, and became a corner of the world where women, smart, flawed, real women, talked about the bigger picture.  About more than the wedding, about the marriage, about what created the marriage, about the love and the risk and the commitment.  About relationships, their challenges, and about life.”  

That’s what Story Catchers wants to capture in images.  That’s why we feel our product is a good fit for AOW readers.”

Perfectly put. 

So, readers.  With Pen and Cam you can expect pictures every bit as magical as the above, and so much more.  Pen nailed it here: ”You can expect honest, heartfelt images that tell your story.  You can expect images that illicit an emotional response and a blog which will hopefully grow to inspire them to capture and tell their own stories too.”

Readers?  If you choose to use Pen and Cam…we beseech you.  Tell us about it.  It’s the perfect partnership. 

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  1. Clare
    Posted April 30, 2012 at 2:48 pm | Permalink

    If I lived on the right continent, I would be fighting people to get into those workshops. Don’t suppose there will ever be a SE Asia one?!

  2. Lowri
    Posted May 1, 2012 at 8:25 pm | Permalink

    Pen and Cam are booked as our wedding photographers. We met them at our Beloved shoot last year. They are fab and their photos are amazing… :)

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