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Real Married: Migraines

There’s an aspect of being a woman that we are coveirng more and more on AOW.  It’s not an aspect I ever thought we would delve into, it’s not something I think any of us planned for.  But I’m really glad AOW  is covering it.  Health, specifically women’s health, is such an important conversation to have.  [...]

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Weekend Wonderings

Happy Saturday readers!  Today I’m gonig to tell you about another of my closet nerd interests….war.  (Catherine has an affinity for all things WW1, but my interests lie squarely with WW2).  I can’t believe i just wrote that sentence.  And one of my favourite museums in London is the Imperial War Museum.  It is phenomenal.  There are always [...]

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Any Other Photo Part The Last: THE Fiesta {Katy and El Chico}

This is the last installment of Katy’s epic Any Other Photo.  Check back for parts one and two.  This one is such a beauty it will make you catch your breath.  What a tribute to family, and love, and pride, and such strength.  Thank you, Katy.  You’ve given us a hell of a Friday: Photo [...]

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Any Other Photo Part The Second: THE Wedding {Katy and El Chico}

Welcome to the second part of Katy’s epic Any Other Photo.  If you missed the first part, go back and find out why she had three weddings.  ALERT, ALERT, Katy’s description of this one will make you bawl.  Really, really badly.  Over to Katy:     Photograph by the frankly amazing Chris Legg THE wedding  This is [...]

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Any Other Photo Part The First: The Legal Bit {Katy and El Chico}

****before we kick off today’s INCREDIBLE, THRICE-AOP, just a heads up to keep an eye out on our Facebook Page today for pictures of Diana’s (bouncy castle Diana!) beautiful dress.  Yes, readers, we listened to your clamouring, and yes readers, it’s more beautiful than you could have imagined…****      Today we  have a real treat for [...]

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Hidden Gems: Edinburgh

Welcome back readers, for the next in our Hidden Gems series – the series where we bring you our recommendations and readers’ recommendations of  places which are unique and very AOW…, be that a café where you can while away the hours people watching, a bookstore  you can browse for hours, a quirky shop, a hotel that [...]

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The Friend That Made Me Me – Joan Hunter Dunn

One of the things that I love the most about the Friend That Made Me series is how each person has such a different approach to it.  The lessons we’ve learnt from the people to whom we pay tribute are so varied, and the situations we met them in so profound, often entirely unintentionally.  I [...]

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The Pill.

Today we have a post that’s a little bit different, and if I’m honest, it’s an absolute belter.  Katie , who has a huge passion for science, and who writes the brilliant blog A Is For Aspirin has written about the Pill, explaining in an accessible and hilarious way about exactly how it works.  I [...]

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Equal Love

Anna originally emailed us a little while ago asking us if we’d be interested in a post on this subject, and our answer was something along the lines of ‘hell yes’. It’s something that we’ve covered a few times here, but something that deserves more blog space, and until everything is equal in the world [...]

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A request or two.

It’s been a little while now since we launched our brand new, ever so shiny, peach and grey (with a navy blue accent, don’t you know) website. We’ve been utterly thrilled at everyone’s kind comments, tweets, likes and emails, and it was totally worth all of the hard work and sleepless nights that we put [...]

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