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Weekend Wonderings

Welcome to the weekend, readers! Now, I promised earlier this week that I would share my second favourite baked goods recipe.  Gold medal is the brownies of wonder.  But this, this is a deserving second place.  We’ve all had a good lemon drizzle cake.  It’s not that difficult to knock up a decent one.  BBC Good Food do [...]

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Any Other Photo {Rebecca and Sean}

I’m not going to say much about this Any Other Photo, because Rebecca’s write-up speaks for itself. What I will say though is that I am totally stealing the guest’s idea and doing this for every wedding I go to from now on. What a perfect present, and one that Rebecca will always remember. You [...]

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On being a bride-to-be with braces

What I really love about all of the wedding related submissions we have here at AOW, is that they often cover topics that other blogs just don’t. And not only that, they take these topics and really delve into them, and explore the emotions and feelings that they bring up. Then we all have grown-up, [...]

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On living to work, not working to live

I’ve talked before about how I sometimes feel I should cover my back on this blog.  I want it to be a place of acceptance, and a place where people can state their opinions and not feel judged. I feel, perhaps wrongly, that I should temper what I think so I don’t come across as too militant, and [...]

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The Books That Made Me Me – Catherine

Good morning, readers.  Ready for some brilliant writing and some serious book debate?  Yes, of course you are.    You know Catherine.  She wrote about people’s attitudes towards being single and 30, and she wrote a storming piece (that my dad mentioned, twice) about the right to contraception that closed International Women’s Day on  the blog.  Here she tells [...]

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Any Other 30th Birthday

Good afternoon readers…and welcome to your Tuesday afternoon post.  Feet up, tea in hand.  This is drivel, Anna K-style. We are nearly a quarter of the way through 2012.  Tell me how that happened? These are some things that happened this year. I fell in love with a house, then nearly lost the house, then [...]

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Behind Closed Doors: Mental Illness

It has come to our attention that there has been a technical problem with the BCD inbox and that some submissions have not reached us. The problem has now been fixed. If your submission hasn’t reached us, please, please send it through again – we have a strict policy of replying to each and every [...]

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Just Married Part One: Sarah M

This is a wedding story by Sarah M.  The only glimpse we’ve seen so far of  her beautiful wedding is her Any Other Photo.  I’ve been chomping at the bit to read more; and readers, it’s worth the wait.  Sarah writes perceptively, with humour and grace.  Hers is a story of strength.  And a lot [...]

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Weekend Wonderings

I had some beautiful presents for my birthday, and more on that in a post next week. But I’m a sucker for wrapping.  And the best-wrapped gift of all came from Rachel, the genius behind Flowers and Stripes.   It had brown package wrapping paper, beautifully presented, and on one side, so…so decorative… was this tape.  Well, I think [...]

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Any Other Photo {Anna and Bean}

We have been badgering Anna to send in her Any Other Photo for what seems like FOR. EVER. But when she finally did send it in, it was absolutely worth the wait. What’s so lovely is that the moment that Anna talks about was caught absolutely by chance. It definitely wasn’t the reason for, or the focus [...]

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