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Adventures of a Wedding Belle – Practice and Preparation prevents Piss Poor Performance…

I have many, many things to say about Bella’s 7-moths-and-counting piece. The first is that I am so very sorry it didn’t actually go up on the 8th-the 8th being yesterday. Yesterday wasn’t the 7th, like I thought it was. Duh.    Secondly, I KNOW that I said the very same thing last month, but [...]

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I really want to write something profound in the introduction to this piece.  I also wanted to call it something witty (but as we all know, that would involve me stealing Tom’s words).  We know Tom isn’t a grunting Neanderthal, so when a post on feminism dropped into my inbox I knew it would be [...]

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Before we kick off with this afternoon’s post…just to let you all know, The Big Blog Re-Launch is happening in just under a month!  We’ve listened to your feedback on the AOW Survey, we’ve talked about it, talked some more, worked hard behind the scenes (and continue to do so), made some decisions, come up with [...]

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Eternal Phwoar…

Remember that crush you had on Jason Donovan/Ronan Keating/Billy from Neighbours as a teenager? That all consuming, overwhelming, crushing adoration for a man you’d likely never meet but oh  GOD if you ever did he’d obviously fall madly in love with you and abandon fame and fortune to be by your side forever? You know [...]

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Picture Perfect

One of the reasons that I started AOW way back when, was that I was completely overwhelmed by all of the wedding blogs out there. I’d been addicted to the ones with photo upon photo of beautiful brides and handsome grooms, that told me that our wedding needed to have mason jars full of wild [...]

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Any Other Photo Again {Fee and Tom}

Get ready to laugh, readers. We promised you giggles and I’m sure that Fee’s wicked storytelling and this fabulous picture will not disappoint….  Picture the scene. You are about to walk down the aisle. You hear ‘Somebody’s Getting Married’ from Muppets Take Manhattan coming to an end (or is that just us?) and the [...]

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Any Other Photo {Fee and Tom}

We have an AOP treat for you today, lovely readers. Come back tomorrow morning and chase away the cold with Fee’s second Any Other Photo-I’m not going to tell you anything about it, suffice to say you’re going to LOVE IT. Giggles ahoy. When Fee emailed us with her AOP, she said ‘I’ve thought long and hard [...]

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2 Months

This month I have been mainly… …sitting around. I do a lot of sitting around… …see? I did go on my first ever holiday though. We had to go on a speed boat to get there. I slept the entire way. Whilst we were there I got to know my gramps…. …and also modelled my [...]

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I believe…

…in angels. (*something good in everything I see….* Is that stuck in your head now? You’re welcome.) Joking aside, I truly do. I believe in heaven, or at the very least, I believe in the idea of something more after death. I believe in hope and the hope that faith can engender. I believe that [...]

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