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Things people tell you before you have a baby that you think couldn’t possibly be true, but actually are.

Five days to go, readers.  We have never worked so hard for anything.  Well, perhaps university finals and having a baby, but, you know.  Details, details.  We cannot WAIT.  On with Clare’s post…. ********************************************************************************* Sleep deprivation will mess with your brain. You will be one of those women. I recently argued with Andy over the [...]

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Pen Do’s and Dont’s

Welcome to the afternoon post, readers!  Anna K here.  It’s high time for a drivel post, I feel…that’s what you asked for, and my, that it what you shall get.  This is a post that’s in three very great parts:  Mahj’s wedding, body image and the Pen Do. Get a cup of tea, it’s a long [...]

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What’s in a name?

Six days to go until The Great Any Other Relaunch, readers! Get excited. Get very excited…and come back at 1pm for a tip-off and some Pen Do gossip… Susie recently wrote a piece for us that got you all talking. It was beautifully written, completely honest, and, it transpired, summed up how many of you [...]

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On being a step-mother

Readers! It is now exactly seven days to the relaunch. Seven! Get ready to be bowled over because we have some seriously good posts, and some seriously big changes that we just cant wait to share with you. it is so exciting even Emilia just let out a little yelp of excitement. Or it could [...]

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Weekend Wonderings

This week, I was told I can come off my medication, and that was the best news I’d had all year.  No more rat poison!  And news like that deserves the world’s best brownies. These are the brownies I turn to in times of crisis, triumph, love and loss.  They are a comfort and a [...]

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Any Other Photo {Bethan and John}

This photo makes me grin. Very very much. If you’ve ever wondered what a wedding  photographer chooses as their favourite wedding photo, you can rest assured, it’s one of joy.  Love, support, family, friends, joy.  Lighting and composition and filtering and other photography phenomena are mentioned not once.   Happy Friday, readers.  Go call someone in your [...]

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Ask Anna and Ant: Housework

Happy Thursday, readers, and welcome to another Ask Anna and Ant, the advice column that cuts through all the bull and tells you how it really is (with a bit of nice).  When this letter dropped into my inbox, I knew Mr K would be all over it. Division of household chores is a big [...]

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Real Married: Redefining Wife

There’s not much to say to introduce this, except stand on my office chair, punch the air and go “Hell Yes!”.  Esme segues effortlessly from losing weight for her wedding to re-defining what “wife” means, and THAT is why I love her column, her brain, and why I’m so glad she’s writing for us.  Take it [...]

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On becoming a mother {2 months in}

Being a parent is all consuming. People tell you it’s going to be, but you never quite believe it. Maybe you  believe it, but you can’t actually comprehend it. Nothing I say now will prepare you for it, because until you’re living it, you will never be able to understand the sheer joy, and yet [...]

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The Books That Made Me Me – Katielase

I‘m not going to spend a lot of time on this intro.  Readers, you know Katielase.  She comments often, and has all sorts of perceptive things to say.  She also likes books.  Rather a lot.  These are the books that made her who she is.  You can tell a lot about a person by what they read, [...]

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