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Weekend Wonderings

There’s two things I have to share with you today, that’s Saturday AND Sunday catered for! You’re welcome… First up is this exciting giveaway from the stunningly talented wedding photographer Tamara Kuzminski. If you’re getting wed between 1st April and 31st December this year, inside the M25, you could win Tamara’s services FOR FREE by [...]

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Any Other Photo {Carly and Karenna}

It’s very easy to declare, every Friday, ‘THIS is my FAVOURITE Any Other Photo. EVER!’ I think it’s a sign of how wonderful the series is, how it can make you smile, make you feel the love, make you giggle, make you cry. For every emotion, there is an AOP somewhere to match it and [...]

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Move Over, Edward Cullen…

…I have a new inappropriate teen-fiction crush. His name is Peeta Mellark and he’s the hero in the astonishingly fantastic trilogy ‘The Hunger Games’. And then there’s our heroine and undeniable star of the show, Katniss. She’s so wickedly awesome you’ll want to learn how to skin a rabbit just so you can be more like her. In [...]

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On taking the leap, and self-worth – Mahj

It’s no secret that we love Mahj.  From one of the best wedding reports any of us have ever read (that made all three of us emerge from her world with mascara-streaked faces), to her loyalty and integrity and kick-ass personality, she’s ace.When Mahj sent me this piece, I responded saying I had goosebumps, and felt [...]

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On wanting it all: Working Parents

Today’s topic is a subject close to my heart for obvious reasons, and it’s something on which I’m still not clear about my feelings, so I’ve been looking forward to hearing your opinions onit all. This afternoon’s take on working parents is slightly different to Cat’s post this morning. And that’s what I absolutely love [...]

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On wanting it all: The Kids Versus Career Conundrum

Good morning, readers.  Today there will be two thought-provoking posts, on the same issue, from two very different perspectives.  The issue in question is one that affects many of us; it’s the choice of kids or career, work or motherhood, call it what you will.  We’re told that you can have both.  Today we want [...]

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Something’s Coming…

Good morning readers.  Today we have a belter of a story for you; one that will make you believe that little bit more in magic, and who couldn’t do with that on a Monday morning? Rach M is a stupendous writer and I have been after her for months to write the story of how she got engaged.  I [...]

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Weekend Wonderings

I found this on India Knight’s Tumblr.  The poster is discontinued.  It shouldn’t be.  I want it printed out, at my desk, for when I forget who I am or what I want to become.Maybe if enough of us petition, we can get it back.  Here’s to the crazy ones.  That’s you, readers.  Happy weekend. [...]

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Any Other Photo {Holly and Sean}

Readers?  We’re nearly half-way through January.  And that deserves some celebration.  That deserves some sunshine, some laughter, some giddy-with-the-weight-of-it love, don’t you think?Today we have just that, and readers, you’re welcome.  We’re delighted to show you Holly’s Any Other Photo.  Some of you may know Holly, those that don’t, should.  She writes Nothing But Bonfires [...]

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Behind Closed Doors {Mental Health}

At AnyOtherWedding, you can talk about anything. Anything you want at all. Any subject, any time. We are proud to be able to provide that platform for you, it makes our hearts sing. But we do understand that sometimes there are topics that are too sensitive, too divisive, simply too hard  to write about and broadcast without a second thought. [...]

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