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Non-traditional wedding dresses…

When Martha e-mailed us with her AOP, not only was I blown away by the venue, the smiling, the love, the general beauty and fabulousness, I was also knocked for six by that BEAUTIFUL black wedding dress. Back when Ines from Source Images paired a black Agent Provocateur corset with a fabulous, huge black tulle skirt I thought [...]

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I am clearing out some of my old books.  I am giving some away to charity, some to friends, and some I am clinging to like my life depends on it.  They will have to prise The God Of Small Things, The English Patient and The Other Hand (to name but a few) from my cold, dead [...]

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Zen and the smashed wedding cake

I adore this post by Claire of the lovely,thoughtful, funny blog Cakes and Bunting.  It tells of those moments every bride feels in the run-up to their wedding, and then the one thing that should tip a “typical” bride over the edge…didn’t.  Because Claire had perspective.  And THAT’s what this is all about, and THAT’s [...]

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Weekend Wonderings

When I was 13 I bought a big ringbound yellow hardback notebook and I started collecting quotes. I carried that book everywhere and I wrote everything down.  I collected hundreds and hundreds of quotes over the years.  Many of them make me wince now, but I still flick through that book, because it never fails [...]

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Any Other Photo {Katy and Mat}

Happy Friday readers! How are we all today? Me? I’m shattered, and am struggling to remember when I last washed my hair (I think Wednesday. Maybe Tuesday?) but I think that’s normal with an eight week old baby, yes? Although, we have recently begun to sleep through until 6am, so I think I’m pretty lucky [...]

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Dear London

January 2012 Dear London   I remember the first time I ever saw you.  I was ten, and on a coach with my Gran.  Nose pressed to the window, motorway became houses became sights and sounds and smells.  “Look”, she said, “that’s Speaker’s Corner”.  We went to Hamley’s and spent a deliriously happy afternoon looking [...]

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Birthday came, birthday went…..

You loved the first part of Rach M’s engagement story, and we’re back with the next instalment. More family,more love, with some New York in the mix.  If any of you have ever felt the pressure of “not being engaged yet”, if you’ve ever shouldered the burden of a family’s expectation…you’re about to stand up out [...]

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The Ex Files: Kazakhstan

My inspiration for the Friend that Made Me Me series was wanting to honour the friends who made us into the people we are today; recognising the truths they helped inspire and the experiences they helped create.  I also wanted to bring to light the point that we are really only ever a sum of [...]

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On Arguing.

I like to think that I’m quite restrained when I’m angry. I scream into pillows, grind my teeth and dig my fingernails into the palms of my hands. I threw a remote control at a wall once, but that was more out of frustration than anything else. I love to have a good sulk and [...]

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Real Married: Losing Weight for a Wedding

Before we kick off with Esme, who is back with more words of wisdom…let me introduce something exciting for all us bookworms.  It’s the AOW Book Store!  In our Book Store (which you can access on the right-hand side of the page), we’ve added every single book we three or you, our readers, have recommended through our Books That [...]

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