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Weekend Wanderings

Welcome back, readers!  As this goes live I’ll be in Brussels, finishing up 2011 with Mr K and his family.    I wanted to round up your 2011 with a reminder of why we’re here. The love.   Oh, and the stories. Anything which promises to show me the best 50 romantic lines from literature doesn’t [...]

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Weekend Wonderings

It’s Christmas Eve, darling readers. Each of us has made it through 2011;  memories made and occasions celebrated, marriage vows declared, battles fought. Some of us are weary and tired from those fights, wearing our scars proudly. But we all, hopefully, have something to celebrate. Someone who loves us, someone to love. We three have been immeasurably [...]

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Any Other Photo {Liana and James}

Hurrah – tis nearly Christmas! Merry Christmas everyone! May you all have the Christmas weekend that you wish for. And presents. Lots of presents. (Us, shallow?!)But before you all rush off and put on silly hats and start devouring mince-pies and mulled wine, we’ve got the last Any Other Photo of the year to share [...]

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A round up…of sorts!

We have just three posts left to share with you before 2012…THREE! For today’s post we thought we’d share some bits and pieces with you as 2011 draws to a close, a bit of a mish-mash of a post-perfect for a lazy ‘it’s almost Christmas so therefore I don’t have to do any work’ Thursday! Firstly, we need [...]

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On Divorce

Anna’s ‘Storms of Marriage’ post provoked quite the response from you, our readers. There were those of you who are adamant you’ll never get divorced, those for whom divorce is a practical if unpalatable concept and those who were undecided on how they would react should their relationship get to the point where ‘divorce’ became [...]

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A City Girl’s Country Wedding – Part 2

Happy Tuesday, readers!  Anna here. I admit, sometimes I get wedding-overload.  Weddingitis.  And we don’t even write about weddings that often; we tackle every subject from feminism to politics to pretty.  But it’s this kind of post that makes me realise the point.  What a wedding represents.  How you feel during the day, about what [...]

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It’s not about the destination…{Part One}

This is one of those posts that, despite being someone’s personal love story, will speak to so many of us. In true AOW love story style, this is a story that on the surface seems like it should be hugely romantic, and yet underneath the surface are a myriad of difficulties, and compromises to be [...]

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Real Married: How To Have The World’s Best Bridesmaids

You loved Esme’s last column where she talked about her outdoor ceremony.  She’s back again, this time giving you the benefit of her wisdom with the issue of bridesmaids – rarely an easy thing to navigate.  Esme’s were incredible, looked beautiful, and made Esme’s day better for being there.  Here’s how.  Over to Esme: So, bridesmaids. I [...]

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Weekend Wonderings

This is a bit of a different weekend wonderings… so look away now if you’re not interested in entirely gratuitous pictures of me and a squidgy baby. Still here? Ok…then, consider yourself forewarned. You guys remember Chloe, yes? The one who somehow managed to make me look serene and calm at 36 weeks pregnant? Well, in the [...]

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Any Other Photo {Sarah and Stewart}

Oh ruddy hell.  I want to say something witty here.  But I can’t, because LOOK AT THE LOVE. Ahem.  Resuming normal service.  This is a different take on an Any Other Photo.  It’s both a moving tribute and a very powerful moment. The photo shows Sarah and someone who made this moment, her whole day, possible.  Sarah is not [...]

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