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The five most important things my husband ever taught me.

He’s a wise one, Mr K.  A wise owl, hidden under layers of smart-assery and sarcasm.  Hence, Ask Anna and Ant (which, by the way, we need you to send us your insurmountable problems, readers…come on!  Throw something our way!  We promise to solve all your problems, huddled up in our teeny tiny London flat, [...]

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Real Married: The Ceremony

Happy Monday, readers!  We adore Esme and Tom (we may have mentioned this before). They are just setting off into the vast, unexplored plains of marriage together…and we couldn’t be happier for them.  Bella does a fantastic job as our “real bride“.  But there’s another angle, isn’t there?  It’s not just about the planning, the [...]

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Weekend Wonderings

Emily Perl Kingsley is an award-winning American writer well known for her work on Sesame Street, writing for the hit children’s TV show from 1970. Her son Jason was born in 1974 with Down Syndrome, at a time when understanding of the condition was limited and largely wrong. Instead of subscribing to the widely accepted [...]

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Any Other Photo – Being a Woman Edition {Anna}

In my search for a female icon, I used to think female meant feminist.  I devoured tomes such as The Second Sex and The Female Eunuch (Greer, you have a lot to answer for, I spent much of my early twenties convinced I had a wicked womb).  I quoted bits of them blindly at people [...]

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Any Other Photo – Being a Woman Edition {Clare}

When we initially decided that we would make this Any Other Photo all about the women who inspired us, I was excited. There are so many inspirational women out there, this would be easy. Authors, politicians, campaigners, even relatives; there are so many people that make me proud to be a woman. But as I tried [...]

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Any Other Photo – Being a Woman Edition {Aisling}

It’s Friday readers, and Being A Woman week has been an unprecedented success. We’ve had discussions that have faced our prejudices head-on, we’ve had full-on raging debates, we’ve had some mind-blowing submissions and some of the most frantic Twitter action yet…its been incredible. Let us round off the week with our AOPs with a difference. [...]

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On stripclubs

Being a Woman week is not just about celebrating how great women are. Though we are pretty special, most of the time. We need to learn, all of us, to talk about the amazing, the difficult and the downright impossible aspects of being women in the 21st century. Do strippers and stripclubs come under any [...]

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Abortion isn’t always hard.

When I received this post from Abi, there were many things that I felt.  But I think admiration trumped them all.  This is an incredibly gutsy post to write, about a topic that divides people the world over.  The moral lesson rammed into us from the media, from politicans, is that abortion should be a difficult decision to [...]

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Single and 30: the real story

This afternoon I am beside myself with excitement to bring you a post from Catherine, one of my best friends, co-conspirator, my fellow Fanta Lemon addict; politics junkie; and would-be war correspondent.  Obscure West Wing reference here: she’d be my Chief of Staff, no questions asked.  Catherine talks about the assumptions and expectations people make [...]

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Stand by your (Wo)man

* First things first – have you completed the Grand Any Other Reader Survey yet? Because it closes tonight, and so if you’ve not done it already, you need to get on it. Stat. We need to know what it is that you want from AOW, so that we can make these peachy pages even [...]

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