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Take the leap

I‘ve now been in KL for just over two months. It’s been a crazy time. In those two months, I’ve house hunted, friend hunted, car hunted and doctor hunted amongst other things, all whilst growing a baby. In a new country. In 35 degree heat.Which sounds like I’m complaining. But actually I’m really really not. [...]

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Liar, Liar, Pants on Fire…

Sarah M is all kinds of awesome. She’s fearless, feisty, generous and wise, has ridiculously amazing shoes and loves to rock a sequinned frock.  This is Sarah’s first post on AOW, but we’re adamant it won’t be her last-not when she writes as eloquently, hilariously and honestly as this…  How important is honesty in a relationship? I’ve always [...]

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Biba Fever

First things first… Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee! *Ahem* You’ll have to excuse as we’re a little bit over excited this morning. We discovered yesterday that we are in the latest issue of Brides Magazine as ‘The Best Emotional Wedding Blog’.We are beyond thrilled to be recognised for what we do by one of the top magazines in the [...]

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The great evening party myth

A while back now we posted Katie’s gorgeous wedding report. In the comments we got talking about evening dos and those of you who are not yet married wanted to know why some of us old-marrieds said that they were so stressful. So *obviously* we put a shout out for someone to write a post about [...]

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Weekend Wonderings

Readers, it’s the weekend!  I hope you are having a leisurely coffee, perhaps chewing on a croissant. Christmas is a month away, and I thought I’d help you out with the Christmas Present List.  Do you have a bookworm in your life?  Who am I kidding, you read Any Other Wedding, you probably ARE a bookworm.  [...]

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Any Other Photo {The Lawsons}

I’ll be honest.  It feels like Photographic Royalty has landed on these peachy pages.  “The Lawsons are coming round!  Put arty, intelligent prints on the walls!  Do we have biscuits?   Clare, did you pick up milk?  Aisling, arrange some flowers in an aesthetically pleasing location!  Stat!” Except the Lawsons are probably the nicest, least [...]

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Any Other Survey Results-The Second Part!

We’re back with the second (and infinitely more ‘wordy’) part of our survey results. This morning we learnt about you and your lives, this afternoon we’re talking about what we all want from AOW and how we can achieve these wondrous targets. Content and frequency of posts: So….as you have seen, with most of the [...]

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The Any Other Reader Survey Results are IN!

And they are amazing. Totes amaze, if you will. But not as amazing as YOU. You, our wonderful, beautiful, clever, articulate and opinionated readers. We have a bit of a crush on you, but you knew that already. We are eternally grateful to each and every one of you for taking the time to help [...]

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On Grief

A few of you may have heard that one of my cats died recently. Harry, so named for the lightning-strike-shaped black and white markings on his leg, was hit by a car a fortnight ago. Readers, I was devastated. Completely and utterly, hysterically and uncontrollably distraught. I had to leave work to go home and ‘be [...]

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The 0.01%

We love a good love story here on AOW. Not the ones that are all ‘our eyes met across a crowded room, fell in love at that very moment and everything has been rainbows and roses ever since’ though.  No, the ones we like are the real love stories. The gritty ones that remind you [...]

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