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The Books That Made Me Me – Laura

 Laura is far too awesome to be even VIRTUAL friends with the likes of us. She’s über-cool, a little bit geeky, oh-so beautiful and too intelligent for actual words. It’s more than an honour that she’s written this for us and we’re in awe of the gorgeous pictures-with-words (much like paint-by-numbers) she has created. Personally, I love [...]

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The light at the end of the tunnel.

I’ve been worried that posting this would be inappropriate, that it would be too sad, or too self-absorbed. It’s a post about how I’m still not pregnant, you see. And I’ve never wanted to take away from Clare’s enjoyment of her pregnancy, nor that of any of our lovely readers who might be expecting a [...]

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F**king the patriarchy (without f**king over your patriarch…)

*It’s yet another Two Post Tuesday – don’t forget to check out this morning’s post with some amazing input from the AOW community on combining your finances* This post is just the very heart of why Any Other Wedding came about. It absolutely sums up one of the reasons that I created AOW – there [...]

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Money matters

*Hoorah, it’s Two Post Tuesday again – check back at 1pm for a post that I think absolutely defines AOW*Everyone has differing ways of dealing with their finances when they become a couple, and a lot of that depends on the individual circumstances. One of you earning significantly more than the other; whose place you live [...]

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Mahj’s Wedding

We make no secret of our Mahj-love here on Any Other Wedding.  Unfortunately, Martin got there first, and so much the better because from the glimpse we got from their Any Other Photo, their wedding day was all happiness, love, and a shit-eating grin. Just as it should be. We’re freakishly lucky to have a two-part report from Mahj here [...]

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Weekend Wonderings

During a twitter conversation last week, the lovely Bella mentioned that if we’d not yet discovered it, we might like to check out Letters Of Note. It wasn’t until later on in the day that I got a chance to have a look, which was rather lucky really, as I then spent hours flicking through [...]

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Any Other Photo {Alanah and Robert}

When Alanah first sent me through this picture, my first thought was movement. A still, but amidst  so much movement. They’re my favourite kind.  It’s almost like this picture was never meant to be taken, but it was, and it captured what Lana loved most about her day.  That feeling of release and relief when [...]

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My Confession

When this post landed in our inbox,it spoke to me. I love it because it’s cleverly written, very honest, funny and thought-provoking but I really LOVE it because it makes me feel a bit uncomfortable. Weird, I know. You see, I was raised a Roman Catholic and if I’d held on to my ‘faith’ as it were, I could [...]

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The circle of eight.

Readers, I don’t complain often.  I’m genetically programmed to see the positives; in people, in situations, in life.  I see problems as challenges, setbacks as opportunities, and so far, so good; this has served me well.  I’m probably a pessimist’s worst nightmare, blowing in all breezy and bright into their  comforting vision of gloom and [...]

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Russia and Love

*Don’t forget that from now on Tuesdays on AOW are Two Post Tuesdays – pop back and read Clare’s bump update from this morning if you’ve not yet read it* What I love, truly love, about this post by Emily is how natural and organic it is. She drifts seamlessly from talking about her love [...]

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