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24 weeks

Firstly, if you’ve not already, get on over to find out all about the Any Other Party and most importantly, how you can get yourself on the guest list.Seriously…are you still here? Go I tell you.Now…for a little update on le bump.  Mainly, the bump is still there (and the size of an Eggplant for [...]

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A Wedding Blogger’s Obituary

We pride ourselves on being fair here at Any Other Woman.  We’ve worked hard to create a community based on trust and, we like to think, genuine friendship.   As wedding bloggers, we have a responsibility to our readers to be honest and upfront and we have a strong policy of never posting anything that isn’t [...]

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Any Other Party is here!

So, after much deliberating, a date, time and location have been decided upon for the very first … Any Other Party! Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee. So here is what you need to know… Date Friday 9th September 2011 Location Our thoughts on the location have changed hugely over the past week. When we thought it would just be [...]

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Any Other Photo {Emily and Will}

I won’t lie. When I received Emily’s Any Other Photo, I squealed. And then sent it straight on to Aisling and Clare, who also squealed. To quote Aisling…”She has WINGS. And he has a PONYTAIL. I die”. This Any Other Photo is a triumph because it takes the most magical, picture perfect setting you could [...]

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The Books That Made Me Me – Joan Hunter Dunn

Joan Hunter Dunn, or rather Rachel, who blogs at Flowers and Stripes, knows literature. Her blog is a joy to anyone who has ever appreciated the beauty of the written word and is testament to the power it has to transform. I knew the books that made Rachel who she is today would not disappoint. [...]

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It seems wrong to post without mentioning the unjustifiable rioting, looting, violence and now, possibly murder, that has been taking place across the UK over the last 5 days. We’ve experienced little snatches of the terror ourselves here at AOW and our thoughts are with all those affected. All those left without their homes and their [...]

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How to be a good bridesmaid…

…and how to be a good bride-to-be. Fear not, readers, this isn’t some sanctimonious list about how to be a Perfect Bride-to-Be. I am unqualified to write such a list, given that I fell far short of perfect in the run-up to W-day. There were slight psychological breakdowns and slight moments of sheer insanity. But [...]

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Last Wednesday, Lucy Stendall and I travelled up to Newcastle for the Love My Dress Summer Soiree. It was PHENOMENAL. It was easily the most decadent, opulent, most beautifully styled event I have ever attended and I think I speak for Lucy and myself when I say we had the BEST night! Lucy and I [...]

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Any Other Photo {Frankie and Ben}

Nearly all of us have *something* that is important to us on the wedding day (you know, besides the actually getting married part).  For some it’s the food. For others it’s the styling of the day. For lots of people it’s all. about. the. dress. But I’m pretty sure there are quite a few of [...]

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We need you (again)

The more eagle-eyed of you out there may have noticed an addition to these peachy pages in the last couple of days. Yes, over there, to the right, is something that looks rather like this: …which is really rather self explanatory, no? Do I need to go on? Actually yes, yes I do. I need [...]

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