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Ask Anna and Ant

“Anna has been many things to many of you.  Friend.  Family.  Confidante.  Life coach” And everyone started laughing.  Nay…snorting.  This was the opening paragraph of my dad’s Father of the Bride speech.  He went on to nail it.  But he had a point. I like giving advice.  I always have.  I always will.  I don’t [...]

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Big news.

Well…for me anyway. Ever since it was announced that I was pregnant, the first question that everyone has asked me has been ‘Will you have the baby in Russia?’…to which my answer has always had to be a bit vague. You see, what I knew, but wasn’t allowed to say anything about (corporate secrecy and all [...]

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On the men we would if we could

Ah, the List.  The lucky few that you totally would, if you weren’t spoken for.  We’ve all got them, right? It will not have escaped the more eagle-eyed amongst you that Clare and I had an…intriguing conversation on Skype recently regarding a certain principled, masculine renegade (I was going to write “TV Character” but he’s [...]

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Any Other Photo {Victoria and Nick}

I have a confession to make.  When I asked Victoria, who blogs over at Sugar Plum Slipper, to submit an Any Other Photo, I thought I knew what her photo choice was going to be.  Which reminds me I should not assume anything about our readers.    I have probably read Victoria’s account of her wedding [...]

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Pain Sucks

Hello, Anna here.  When I was in hospital a few weeks ago, I was lucky  enough to be placed in a ward with some remarkable women.  Perhaps the most remarkable was Olivia, a girl my age in the bed opposite mine.  Olivia told me her story, and how she came to be where she was [...]

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L to R, top to bottom. The Londonderry Peace Bridge. Malin Head, the most northern point of Ireland. Grianin of Aileach, the spherical ruins of the seat of the one of the ruling clans of Ireland. Giant’s Causeway, very possibly the most beautiful place in the world. Ever. Next Wednesday Philip and I are packing up [...]

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Finding, Keeping and Surviving a Long-Distance Relationship: A User’s Guide

Note: If you haven’t booked your place at Any Other Party yet, make sure you email us…we want to put you on the list and meet you, glass of wine in hand!  Now…on with the post…. I’ve known Ginny a long time.  She is very wise, and can take apart a car engine, name every [...]

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The Hard Stuff

Before todays post, just a quick reminder to e-mail us at for your Any Other Party invite! If you haven’t e-mailed us, you won’t have received your invite. Which means, sad face, you won’t be able to come. So get on and get it done! —————————————————————————— Hindsight is NOT  a wonderful thing, in my [...]

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Any Other Photo {Cate and Seb}

Oh, I am a sucker for this photograph. The love, the elation, the sheer delight on Cate and Seb’s faces. The formality of a cathedral, the informality of flip-flops and sunglasses. I love Cate’s explanation for why they were in front of Exeter Cathedral in the first place, and how this photograph proves that the [...]

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A letter to my 15-year-old self: Fee

Hello, Clare here. About a month ago we ran a piece that hit home with a lot of you. It was written by one of you….Fee to be precise, and it was full of sense, written in a style that made you feel as though you knew Fee as a close girly friend, and made [...]

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