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Any Other Photo {Jenny and Mr O}

When Jenny of What Jenny Did fame sent me her submission for Any Other Photo, my first thought was that this is like a secret fairytale. Many of us followed Jenny throughout the planning of her wedding, and shared her joy when she was finally married to Mr O. But what wedding has ever stopped [...]

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One of a Kind…A Giveaway!

Ladies. Ladies, ladies, ladies. We have a treat for you today, that we do. We have a not-yet-published, therefore not-yet-in-the-paws-of-anyone-else beautiful book for you, ‘One of Kind Handmade Weddings’ by Laura Maffeo and Colleen Mullaney. It’s safe to say that had I had this book, prior to planning a 98% did-it-ourselves wedding, I would have [...]

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The friend that made me, me – Aisling

Hello, Anna here… ready to introduce the friend who made Aisling who she is. When this miniseries was dreamed up, the point was to show how whilst we often give credit to our husbands or partners for shaping who we are, we rarely give thought to the friends who shaped us into the women that [...]

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On living your 20s

Eight months today…I’ll be 30 years old. A lot of my friends are freaking out about turning 30. I’m not. I’m excited. (Permission to refer me back to this quote, and perhaps this photo, in March.) I was obsessed with the 30 before 30 project for a long time. For someone who doesn’t believe in [...]

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Legs Eleven

Those are Penny’s legs. She thinks they’re stumpy, I think they’re insanely amazing. Converse and all. Despite the fact my own legs are a fairly lengthy 36in, I have an impressive pair of cankles and my calves are larger than my thighs. My Aunty Caroline’s legs, apparently. Thanks to my own tree-trunks, I am always [...]

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Any Other Photo {Erin and Matt}

Last week for our Any Other Photo, we had the lovely Ros telling us all about how damn wonderful it was to be able to go off and have some alone time with her new husband between the ceremony and the reception, and we all said how important it is to schedule some time like that.  So [...]

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It’s OK…

to buy and return 5 pairs of shoes for your wedding, before deciding to keep the most expensive and least practical ones. (It’s probably not OK to keep all 6 pairs. These are hard times we  live in, there is no denying.) to spend an evening hand-tying beautiful ribbon around bags of freeze-dried hydrangea petals, [...]

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The friend that made Me, Me {Clare}

Morning all, it’s Aisling here. This morning I’m like the velvet-voiced continuity announcers on the television, guiding you gently into today’s feature. I have rehearsed what I want to say and my script is mounted on navy and tan stripy card, to match my dress.It’s simple really. You’re about to get to know a woman [...]

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How to Read at a Wedding by Aisling and Anna

Welcome to our attempt at a Definitive Guide! We’re no experts at wedding readings, but we both love it. And we both know what a bad wedding reading looks like. And readers, it can get ugly. Like, the guests looking down at their feet and wishing it could be over ugly. We are gimpaholics and [...]

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On Being Engaged: Fee

AOW reader Fee is our kind of girl. Fee first e-mailed us with a rib-crackingly awesome piece that you will see here on these peachy pages, one day soon. After we’d done a little happy dance and declared our love for Fee and her wicled way with words, she made us even MORE delighted by [...]

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