And the winner is…

Ladies (and Gent – thank you James for what we believe was our first ever comment from a MAN – we were so excited) fear not. You have to wait no longer.
I know that you have been waiting with baited breath since the closing date last Friday. Many of you will not have slept a wink, just waiting and wondering who would be the blessed person to win ‘Handmade Weddings’ - the prize in our very first give-away. Well the wait is over. Today we will be announcing the name of that lucky lucky person. I know. It is all just TOO exciting.
Whilst we LOVED reading all of your DIY mishaps and adventures (Fee, yours was a particular favourite), we decided that we could not choose on merit alone. You were all so deserving, and we felt ever so slightly traumatised that when making the decision we may inadvertently be sending someone  else into a DIY spiral of doom, only to end up with 150 invites with the inserts glued in upside down and their floral bunting stapled to their knee.
So we decided that we would have to choose randomly. We would have to put names in a hat, and draw the winner out. We momentarily contemplated getting Mr Alsopp to grow a moustache and wear a bow tie so the we could photograph him actually drawing the winning ticket out of the hat, but Aisling didn’t think he’d go for it. So, dear reader, we outsourced. We left the decision to the random number generator. This little wonder, in case the name doesn’t give it away entirely, randomly generates numbers. Genius. It’s amazing how we ever lived without the internet isn’t it.
So we diligently counted that there were 10 entries, and then recounted several times. Just to be sure. We put the number 1 in the ‘min’ box, and the number 10 in the ‘max’ box, and then recounted again. Just to be sure. We then clicked the ‘Generate’ button and this is what we got…
I must admit, there was a moment of slight confusion. Did it work? Why does it say 10 twice? Is that really random? Am I misreading this? Come on, how difficult can this be – I took A Level Maths for christ’s sake (note ‘took’ – I may have quit after three weeks and transferred to Theatre Studies much to the delight of my parents. *Ahem*. Maybe). Should I click again?
But finally the realisation came to us that 10 was indeed the randomly generated number. The chosen one. The winner.
And that means that you ‘MISS BLUSHING BRIDE’ are the proud new owner of a shiny new, as-yet-unavailable-to-the-masses, copy of ‘Handmade Weddings’. This means that, thanks be to god, you are no longer swimming unguided in the shark-filled territory of DIYing your wedding. I’m not entirely sure that there is a tutorial in there on creating a plasticine cake-topper-with-the-groom-dressed-as-a-fisherman as requested in your comment, but surely there will be something in there that will float your boat (I’m rather pleased with the number of water related puns I’ve squeezed into that paragraph, even if I do say so myself).
So Miss Blushing Bride, email us with your address and we shall get the book in the post to you post-haste (on the condition that you absolutely promise to send us pictures of all of the beautiful projects which the book inspires, mkay?). And the rest of you, for the love of god, please stay away from nail guns and superglue.
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  1. Posted July 26, 2011 at 12:54 pm | Permalink

    I am, as we speak, tying a bow on the book to send it to Miss Blushing Bride. That's about as DIY as I get. Congratulations! May the DIY force and the power of the glue gun be with you!

  2. Posted July 26, 2011 at 4:35 pm | Permalink

    Hurray!! I'd like to thank my mum, dad, my fiancé for proposing and making all this possible and I'd also like to thank you AOW and your lovely high-tech random-winner-picker!

    Will keep you updated with my DIY fails and (hopefully) successes.

    Love Miss Blushing Bride xxx

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