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2 years ago today: the re-write

I, Anna K, do take thee, Mr K, to be my lawful wedded husband. I do solemnly declare, in front of all persons here present, that I will never be as batshit crazy again as I was in the few weeks running up to today. I promise to always remember that bunting does not a [...]

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Any Other Photo {Vivienne and Dave}

You know, every week I am surprised (I am a slow learner OK?) at the new slant people are able to find for their Any Other Photo. Whether it’s a moment that they never thought they’d enjoy, but did, or a lesson that they learnt, every single person who has sent us their picture has [...]

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Style SOS: AOW needs you

A few days ago we received an email from a reader that sent Anna and I into a bit of a panic. You see, it was style related, and the AOW resident style guru is most definitely Aisling. And Aisling is currently away sunning herself and wafting around in maxi dresses looking all elegant and glowing [...]

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“Derailed male” has just signed in

Online lovers. Oh, the times I had. I am a veteran. “Well versed in the arena of e-love”, as my best friend smirkingly points out. From endless flirtatious dalliances to real-life dating to epic lovelorn MSN sessions to an actual boyfriend (that turned into an Actual Husband), I spent a good year prior to meeting [...]

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Any Other Photo {Clare and Andy}

Anna, Aisling and I were having a bit of a panic this week, because we realised that we didn’t have an Any Other Photo lined up, and it seems like you lovely lot look forward to them, and we didn’t want to disappoint you. (On that note, seriously you guys, send yours in please?) It  [...]

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I am not a rhythmic gymnast

I have just returned from Kefalonia. I have wanted to go there for a very long time, and finally I got a chance to live my Louis de Bernières dream, amongst the lemon trees and the olive groves and the poppies and the cliffs and the mountains. Our walk on the way to breakfast. We [...]

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