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Ok, so we’ve sort of failed in our attempt to get things back to normal this week, and believe me, we feel really bad about it. Life just seems to keep on getting in the way of blogging (as Kirsty so wonderfully put it, this blogging malarkey is harder than it looks).
But even though we’ll admit we’ve been pretty rubbish this week, we’re not TOTALLY rubbish. Because we still have another AOP to bring you (that helps yes? You won’t unsubscribe quite yet, will you? Pretty please?)
Side note: I totally just wondered whether mentioning the word unsubscribe would actually all lead you to subconsciously think that would be a marvelous idea, and whether I should just remove that sentence altogether, for fear of creating a mass-unsubscribing-from-AOW-panic. But I decided not to, and to trust in you all that you would give us all a little more time (because believe me, when Anna arrives next week, it is going to have been SO worth the wait). And now I realise I have written unsubscribe three times in one post, which has to be some sort of blogger suicide. *Sigh*. I told you this blogging stuff was hard.
So, that being said, I think it best that I just let Stephanie (who, by the way, writes a blog called Run, Knit, Get Hitched – I love her already) get on with her Any Other Photo.
Firstly though, I have two things to say about this – 1) I LOVE when people choose blurry non pro photographs. That is what this is all about. and 2) I LOVE Stephanie’s dress even more than that. That is all.
I would be lying if I didn’t say that each and every picture from our wedding evokes a certain joy and feeling in my heart. Our photographer did an amazing job capturing the true love and happiness that Lance and I experienced throughout the day. So it may come as a surprise that the photo I chose was not taken by our photographer but by one of my bridesmaids, and my husband Lance is not even in it!

In our final meeting with our DJ I requested he play a certain song for my mom. This certain song happens to be really really long …and the DJ was worried it might not go over well with the crowd and could possibly empty the dance floor. I assured him that if he played it at the right time, he would not be disappointed. What song is it you’re probably wondering? Meatloaf’s “Paradise by the Dashboard Light”. You see, my mom has a ‘thing’ for Meatloaf, and this song is one of her favorites. I never told her our DJ was going to play it, so when it came on she was so excited she instantly grabbed me and ran to the dance floor! What I didn’t expect was that it would turn into a full on girl dance party!

That’s what I love so much about this picture. My mom to my left…dragging me to the dance floor so fast I didn’t even have a chance to put down my mason jar of beer. My amazing aunts with smiles on their faces, clapping and singing along. Then of course my sisters…who along with myself were subjected to Meatloaf over and over growing up so much that we know each and every word to this song. You can also see some of my friends and even young cousins in the background. It truly was a female dance party…and it rocked! When I look at this picture I feel it really captures how much fun our wedding was…along the joy that I felt to be surrounded by so many of the amazing women in my life. I can never listen to this song again without remembering this moment, and that puts a huge smile on my face.

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  1. Katie
    Posted May 27, 2011 at 1:48 pm | Permalink

    oh that is just the most gorgeous dress, I love the bow at the back. It is so different to all the other dresses I have coveted. Loving the photo, and story behind it. xx

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