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The shoes are not the marriage

Hello! I’m Anna. Or Anna K… This is me. In a tree! So a few weeks ago, the lovely Clare and Aisling asked me if I would like to join their team at Any Other Wedding. I paused. They must mean as a proof-reader. Something behind the scenes, like a pageant mom. I like proofreading. [...]

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Any Other Photo {Stephanie and Lance}

Ok, so we’ve sort of failed in our attempt to get things back to normal this week, and believe me, we feel really bad about it. Life just seems to keep on getting in the way of blogging (as Kirsty so wonderfully put it, this blogging malarkey is harder than it looks). But even though [...]

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Any Other Photo {Ellie and Mark}

After our shout out for guest posts to tide us over whilst we get back on our feet, the very first email we received was Ellie’s Any Other Photo submission. So hooray, AOP is back! And this post is really going to kick start this series again with a bang (but that doesn’t mean we don’t still need your [...]

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…The number of hours in a day. Approximately 3 too few, if you’re asking me. …The number of words in the dedication written in the front of a wonderful, beautiful book bought for me a wonderful, beautiful friend. …The TV show in which the sexiest old man in the world runs around shooting baddies and [...]

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Where did you get that dress? {A Sample Sale…}

Well, hellloooooo lovely ladies. We’re back. Woop! And we are VERY sorry to have deprived you of gorgeous stories, pretty pictures, wise words and inane ramblings. (That last one is courtesy of me, obviously. No-one else rambles inanely around here!) As a thank-you for standing by whilst we took a little blog-holiday, or blogiday, if you will, [...]

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This blog was always about creating a community of sensible, sane, intelligent women who, whilst appreciating the pretty on other blogs, also know that there is something more to weddings and marriages, and even life, and want to hang around and discuss that with other like-minded ladies. It was never about my voice being the [...]

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…growing a baby inside you is not all that conducive to good blogging. Sorry about that. We will be back later today or tomorrow though with EVEN more good news. Promise. Clare xxx

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