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The Guilt.

The Guest List Guilt. Oh yes. Those of you ladies who are already married, did you have the Guilt? Even just a teeny tiny bit? You did, didn’t you? Whether because of a huge family, a broken family or ’owing’ spaces on the guestlist to your parents thanks to that other pain-in-the-bum, The Budget. To you [...]

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What the Elle?!*

If you follow us on Twitter, then you’ve probably already heard this because we *may* have mentioned it once or twice, so feel free to switch off now. But for those of you who don’t, we really wanted to share with you the ridiculously exciting news that little old Any Other Wedding got a mention [...]

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Any Other Photo {Rachel and Mr T}

So, once again for our Any Other Photo, we have not only a stunning picture, but a stonker of a write up for you. I should have guessed really, because Rachel writes about beautiful quotes interspersed with pretty pictures (amongst other things) over on her blog Flowers and Stripes, so what she came up with was bound to be beautiful. [...]

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Where did you get that dress? {Part 2}

Following on from the last two wedding dress posts, here’s my final say on the matter…. Back at the beginning of wedding dress hunting, I would have told you that I definitely didn’t want a second hand dress. I wanted my own special dress that was untouched by human hand (ok, that’s taking it a [...]

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This weekend, at 8.30 on Sunday morning whilst lounging amongst pillows and cushions and duvets galore, I was convinced by 3 very persuasive ladies to try red lipstick for the first time in my life. They simply wouldn’t take no for an answer-my protestations of ‘my teeth aren’t white enough’ and concerns that my bottom [...]

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Any Other Photo {Nicola and Steve}

Nicola and her husband did what I’m willing to bet most of us wish we could when it comes to our Big Day. High-tailed it over the Atlantic to New York and made their lifelong promises to one another amongst the autumn leaves of Central Park. Beautiful, yes? But not as beautiful as Nicola herself-despite [...]

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