Any Other Photo {The Royal Wedding Edition}

No, we’re not so super-awesomely connected (and in possession of a time machine!) that we’ve managed to get our paws on photos of Prince William and Princess Catherine…needless to say, we’re waiting with bated breath with the rest of the world to get the first glimpse of THAT dress!
What we have today is our favourite Royal Wedding picture from the past. I don’t know what Clare has chosen and she doesn’t know mine-so we’ll be equally as amazed/confused/inspired as you guys! So as not to keep waffling and pull you all away from the constant (and sometimes irrelevant, you have to be honest) coverage, here is mine.


I know, I know. It’s not an epic shot of a historic Royal Couple, there are no huge bouquets, hundreds-of-thousands-of-pounds-worth of diamonds on heads, military uniforms or swathes of satin, lace or taffeta. What it is, is a reportage-style shot of Zara Phillips and the Queen on the steps of the church after the wedding of Peter Phillips to Autumn Kelly. I LOVED their wedding-skipping quickly over their unfortunate decision to sell ther photos to a glossy mag-it was elegant, beautiful, relaxed despite it’s inherent opulence and tradition and just looked generally lovely. Autumn’s (what a name, no? I loves.) Sassi Holford dress was a thing of classic beauty, the pale green, gold and white colour scheme was regal and pretty all at once and there wasn’t much that I didn’t adore.
The above shot is a particular favourite though. I love it because if you’d been living under a big rock your whole life and didn’t know who the Queen was, there’d be nothing to suggest that these two ladies were anyone else but a stunning bridesmaid and a proud Grandma, having an excited catch up about the gorgeous wedding that had just taken place. I love that Zara’s shoes are ivory-did it really not occur to anyone that the bridesmaids shoes might possibly have looked better in the same shade as the dress? And her tan lines-amazeballs. I adore that it never occurred to her that she should avoid that halter-neck bikini whilst on the pre-wedding holidays. The Queen looks genuinely delighted to be talking to her granddaughter and the whole air of the photo is one that you’ll find in most wedding albums-a bridesmaid and a Grandma, having a jolly good time. I loves.
Back in 1947 when the Queen and Prince Phillip had their nuptials, I don’t think documentary photography was really that big a thing, particularly in the world of weddings. There are a lot of posed pictures which were released for the general public where they have fixed smiles and are waving to the adoring crouds, or where they are looking serious and solemn as they emerge from the ceremony.
There are not a lot of pictures that seemed to actually capture the pure emotion of the day. Which was why when I found this little beauty, I was chuffed to bits. I know they were on show, and I know they knew that they were having their photograph taken, but I still kind of feel like in this one photo, we get to witness just a tiny bit of the pure happiness of the day. Phillip is looking at his new wife with something that looks a little bit like adoration, while Elizabeth looks back at him with a genuine open mouthed smile, dare I say it, even a possible laugh. 
It’s possible of curse that he had just said something totally innapropriate, as he’s famed for doing, but I like to think that it’s the joy shining through, and as the queen is not known for showing her emotions,  particularly in public I think it’s a fairly good sign that her new husband was able to make her laugh in one of the most public of moments. Lets face it, they’ve lasted fairly well, which is more than can be said for the most of the other British royal couples, and I like to think that this picture helps us understand why.
So those are ours…. and yours?
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