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Any Other Photo {The Royal Wedding Edition}

No, we’re not so super-awesomely connected (and in possession of a time machine!) that we’ve managed to get our paws on photos of Prince William and Princess Catherine…needless to say, we’re waiting with bated breath with the rest of the world to get the first glimpse of THAT dress! What we have today is our favourite [...]

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Where to buy your wedding dress-Ebay?

She’s back, folks. And thank goodness, because there is no way either of us could have written this eloquently about buying a wedding dress from eBay. Mostly because we didn’t buy our dresses from eBay. But also because we couldn’t write this eloquently if we tried. It’s Anna K, with her dress story-it’s turning into [...]

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Any Other Photo {Kirsty and Fin}

It’s no secret how much we LOVE Kirsty from A Safe Mooring. A lot. And even more, after reading her Any Other Photo submission. When she e-mailed it over to me, she was all ‘Aahhh I’m sorry it’s so LONG and so BOSSY!’ Pish, I said. No such thing as ‘too long’ on AOW and you can [...]

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How to have a Garden Wedding…Starting Over {Part One}

I know that I’ve been slacking with my wedding recaps. I have a whole ream of reasons why-work, fabulous weekends, decorating, sunbathing, running…they’ve all been taking up precious time. Honestly though, there’s only really one reason why I haven’t been keeping up with my once-a-week proposed posting schedule. I don’t know what to say. Shocking, [...]

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Gin in a Teacup: Four Brunettes and a Duckpond.

Last June, I got married. Our wedding was featured on Rock My Wedding in July and in August I met the delicious Anna K for the first time. By September Clare and I were e-mailing on a daily basis and in the New Year we hatched a plan to make Lucy our friend. Thankfully our [...]

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Oxfam Bridal…an Oxymoron?

When I wrote the two posts about ideas as to where you could get your wedding dress from a few weeks back, it was hugely inspiring to hear from brides who had actually got their dresses from some of the places  I suggested (and proof that I hadn’t just made it all up).  In fact, [...]

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Any Other Photo {Elizabeth and Zee}

It’s a real delight for us to feature a fellow Wedding Blogger and all-things-bridal-obsessive here on AnyOtherWedding-it’s so lovely to support and encourage the relationships we’re building and to celebrate the community we’re building. As always, it’s always fascinating and touching to discover what photo our readers treasure the most, it really makes you feel [...]

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Ask Us…The B Word.

Yup. BUDGETS. I know. Scary biscuits. If you were ever, or indeed are, a member of that well-known wedding forum, you’ll know how irrational and downright horrid people can be when the topic of money is raised. It’s a sensitive subject, yes. One that needs to be treated with respect, absolutely. But not something that [...]

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I Think…. {Aisling}

I was inspired to put together this post whilst perusing the Interweb as I lay in the bath. If it doesn’t work, you can blame the fact that my baths are boil-a-lobster hot and that I wallow in them for a minimum of 90 minutes. Maximum duration depends on injury time, extra time and penalties. [...]

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We’ve got Kirsty of A Safe Mooring with us today, with her thoughts on a ridiculous American reality TV show…is there another kind? I really admire Kirsty’s writing, she has skill and wisdom and a wicked sense of humour and after reading anything written by her, I find myself thinking that she’d make an awesome [...]

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