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Where did you get that dress {Part 1}

{Disclaimer, this post is heavily based on one I posted previously, but this is the shiny new updated version, with some shiny new ideas. Promises.} Ok…if I had my time again, I would not buy a dress from a ‘Wedding Boutique’. That’s not to say you shouldn’t, but it is to say that you should check out the [...]

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How to have a Garden Wedding and associate ramblings.

From the very beginning, we knew we’d have our reception in our lovely garden. We also knew we’d marry in a registry office, neither of us being at all religious. That was all we knew though-did anyone else find it massively overwhelming doing the actual planning? The finding a registry office, giving notice, paying deposits, [...]

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With this ring…

So we’d already met (handy), fallen in love (helps), found somewhere to live (useful) and decided to get wed. Now what? We had to get ‘officially’ engaged, because in the Land of Grandparents, ‘we decided it’d be quite nice to get married!’ doesn’t count as being engaged. Not until there’s a ring on that finger, [...]

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Any Other Photo {Anna and Mr K}

It’s Friday…and that means it’s Any Other Photo! We LOVE that you gorgeous lot are getting excited for what’s coming on a Friday morning and you are not going to be disappointed today, I promise. You see, today we have Anna K’s perfect picture. I’m aware I keep telling you how wise and wonderful and [...]

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{On Becoming a Wife} More dreaded details

When we were looking for our venue we tried really hard to not only consider OUR budget, but the budget of our guests. It meant a lot to us for all of our friends to be able to make it, so we had to try to make sure  that not only could we afford the hire [...]

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Desperate Housewives

There is a feeling currently that as women, we should have (and want) it all. That we should all have high-flying careers AND the perfect home lives. Which puts intense pressure on all of us who just can’t live up to this media-led portrayal of the perfect life. And very often that means that women sacrifice the quality [...]

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‘You can see it in the set of her shoulders’…

It’s been an astoundingly fabulous couple of weeks here on AnyOtherWedding. We’re still recovering from the epic series ‘In Her Own Words’ that ran on International Women’s Day. I wrote about how in awe we were of all our contributors and our readers and of women in general, but I still find myself totally overwhelmed at [...]

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For Japan with Love – Bloggers Day of Silence

To raise awareness (and hopefully some cold hard cash) for the plight of people of Japan, we will be observing the Bloggers Day of Silence today. This is yet another demonstration of the fabulous community of bloggers out there, who all want to make a difference. This heart-warming concept was the idea of the lovely ladies over at Utterly Engaged and Ever [...]

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{On becoming a wife} The dreaded details.

In complete juxtaposition to yesterday’s post (because we’re nothing if not contrary), I’ve chosen today to tell you about why we had ’details’ at our wedding, and about one in particular which I’ve been asked about a few times, and finally realised that I should show you the pictures of. Be warned. It is not beautiful. It is [...]

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Wedding Planning – Why the little things don’t matter

Emma and I have been in contact for a while and she has been a long time supporter of AOW – in fact, she commented on our very first post. So when I asked her to write a guest post for us on planning her wedding, I knew it would be good, and I knew [...]

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