Nic…’When you know, you know. You know?’

It’s that time again-it’s been one whole month since we met Nic for the first time; can you believe it’s February already?! She’s back, and with a really perfect message, I think. I won’t give it away though, get settled on the AOW sofa and read on for the second installment of Nic and William’s planning journey…

Wow. It’s taken a while but it’s finally starting to sink in that this year William and I will be saying those 2 magic little words to one another. I thought that it would start feeling real when we celebrated our minus one year anniversary last September but that was nothing compared with when the clock struck midnight at the end of December heralding the start of 2011 – the year that we would finally be getting hitched!
Whilst I was swanning around comfortable in the knowledge that we weren’t getting married ‘until next year’, the months have been rolling by and now we have a grand total of 8 left before W-day. If I was ‘Well Prepared Bride’ in search of immaculate perfection, this might seem like a problem. The trouble is I am more ‘Last Minute Bride’ so I’ve been fairly lackadaisical up until now. 2011 has in fact been a pretty productive year so far though, most importantly, after 7 months of searching I have finally found my dress! I know I said I was last minute but EVERYONE prioritises the dress right?!
I’d been on official Wedding Dress Search Duty a total of 6 times and was beginning to think that the whole teary eyed reaction was a big myth. Don’t get me wrong I tried on loads of really beautiful dresses but nothing that had managed to stimulate the tear ducts even slightly. All I had managed to whittle it down to was that I quite liked (well, loved mostly!) Jenny Packham’s designs and as I’m relatively lanky, her slim fitting, feminine but glam dresses suited me and the feel of the day that I am trying to create.
I must have tried on the majority of dresses in her new collection and some from her previous seasons but I couldn’t quite pin it down to one that made me go ‘wow’, though I was convinced that I would do eventually.
Just as I had resigned myself to the fact that I was just going to have to follow my head as my heart was clearly not playing ball, I had a break though. On my last visit to my favourite dress shop near to our home (The Bridal Path in Sawbridgeworth, Jo and her assistant are fantastic which is why I went back 3 times!), as a final thought I grabbed one of the few dresses in the that I hadn’t tried on and as soon as they zipped me up I knew. Voila! I had finally found a winner! There were even real tears from me and my mum and everything!
I don’t want to give too much away but there’s a bit of leather and some straps and maybe some raw meat…OK I’m kidding don’t worry!! I won’t exactly be doing a Gaga but it’s not typically bridal either, quite Grecian and different enough to stir a few comments hopefully!
It was at the point that I struck dress ‘gold’ that I realised there was no way that I wanted to settle for a compromise in any aspect of our special day, not just regarding what I would be wearing. When we chose the engagement ring together, it most definitely felt like the perfect choice in both of our minds. It was the same  when it came to deciding on the venue, it didn’t matter that it was way out of our measly budget because we had found the one place where our hearts practically jumped  into our mouths. Finally, I knew in a heartbeat that we had found our photographer when I saw Aisling’s beautiful pictures on his blog, I knew that Simon Fazackarley had to be the one that captured our day for us (this was cemented when we met him and he turned out to be an all-round sound guy too!). {Aisling poking her nose in here, to say ‘I concur’!}
I am probably the furthest thing you can get from gooey or sentimental but I can honestly say that there has been something so visceral and instinctive about all of the decisions that we’ve made so far – I just hope the rest of it comes as easily!
I really do adore the conclusion Nic has come to here. It’s not about *the moment* in the dress shop, or the tears over the perfect Etsy caketopper…it’s knowing, whether it be in your bones, your ‘gut’…your ‘waters’! even, that you and your partner have made the right decision. Whatever your reasons for coming to that magical or elusive or difficult decision-you know if it feels right. And that’s what we’re talking about…!

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  1. Milly
    Posted February 7, 2011 at 9:29 pm | Permalink

    OMG isn't it sooooo exciting to be able to say 'we're getting married this year'!

    It's November for us, I still need to get my dress though! Might be worth a trip to Sawbridgeworth!



  2. Posted February 7, 2011 at 10:36 pm | Permalink

    Your dress sounds lovely. I also have an obsession with Jenny Packham, and conveniently I am about to fly to London where I hope to try a few on! Hurrah!

  3. Posted February 8, 2011 at 1:45 pm | Permalink

    Nic I CANNOT wait to see your dress. It sounds like a beauty -your enthusiasm for it is contagious! You have also inspired me to dust down my old 'how to buy your wedding dress posts', spruce them up a bit, and repost them. Watch this space. xxx

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