I think I missed January. Seriously. Like when you drive home from work, or the supermarket and when you get home you realise you can’t actually remember getting home. I know January happened, here I am IN February, so January was definitely there…it just sort of…bypassed me I think.
There was much unpleasantness to contend with in January, perhaps this is why I have blocked it from my consciousness? I was also very busy with work, maybe my overworked and undernourished brain just had trouble keeping up?! Whatever the reasons, I find myself here, in February. Already 2 months into a year that promises many challenges and battles and all round epic times. And I find myself thinking ‘Bring It On’.
In a fit of weird reverse-nesting, I decided that we needed to redecorate the bathroom. It’s highly unlikely there will be a baby in our home in the next 12 months, so we don’t need to think about a nursery just yet…but somewhere for me to relax, wind down and get through the months without forgetting they happened? Why, yes please! Just what the doctor ordered. Sort of. She said ‘Relax’. Which I can do in a swanky bathroom, so really, it’s medically advised that I crack out the Dulux paint swatches and lose hours of my day to YoungHouseLove, no?
Because I fall waaayyyyy short of the YHL DiY standards, I didn’t do anything as organised as take pictures of the ‘before’, but suffice to say our bathroom was a little sad. It’s tucked in a corner of our  teeny cottage and as such, boasts approximately 19 different ceiling heights and angles. Ok, so it’s more like 5, but that’s still an awful lot of ceiling for a little bathroom. I’ve spend the last few evenings with rolls of masking tape around my wrist like bangles, painstakingly taping off edges and mirrors and cupboard doors and wooden beams. There’s been some tentative exploration of my ‘whitewashing’ skills-harking back to the days of GCSE Art! I’m pleased to report I’ve still got the way with the paintbrush! Today, the painting starts in earnest and I am excited. I feel organised, I feel in charge, I feel happier…all for having a project.
You see, as A* perfect as he is, Phil can’t carry me through the crappy days all on his own, and he is due his own bad days too. I’ve come to realise that the deepest, darkest murmurings in my brain are something only I am privy to (thankfully!) and as such, it’s up to me to make sure I don’t succumb to them. I suppose I’m simply adopting ’Positive Mental Attitude’, the catchphrase beloved by maths teachers and tennis coaches all over the country! I’m no fool, I know there’ll be hard days and I know we’re entitled to these. But it’s no way to live constantly, for either of us.
So February, you are my new start. You are my month for decorating, for spring cleaning. For cooking with the steamer instead of the oven. For eating 5 fruit and veg every day and for devouring jammie Wagon Wheels in the evenings. For walking in the countryside with my husband by my side and for watching Series 1 of ER, back-to-back, alone, with no guilt. For enjoying my life.
Whether you need a new start or not, are there any projects-wedding related or not!-that you’ll be tackling in February? There’s definitely some productive dust in the air in our home….! What about you?
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  1. Posted February 11, 2011 at 9:42 am | Permalink

    Wedding, wedding, wedding, wedding, wedding in this house. But swap the ER for Grey's Anatomy and I'm doing the same thing x

  2. Anna K
    Posted February 12, 2011 at 5:02 pm | Permalink

    I loved your bathroom anyway. But now it's having a makeover…will the novels still stay by the bath? because I'd be devastated if they were moved aside for rustic ornaments

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