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How to have a Garden Wedding and associate ramblings.

With the launch of Any Other Photo on Friday (wait ’til you see what we have for you this Friday!) came the realisation, after prompting from Nicola at Pointy Pix, that my wedding should really be available on Any Other Wedding for all to peruse at their leisure-including me! Over the weekend I have weighed up [...]

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Any Other Photo

We’re starting a series here, ladies. Oh yes. An actual once a week, lots of contributors, downright stonkingly fabulous series. It was all Clare’s idea-during one of our many conversations about the blog, life, carrot cake and everything in between, we got to discussing how your own favourite wedding photo is often one that no-one [...]

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Five things I’ve learnt about wedding dresses {revisited}

Christmas, New Year, and Valentines day have to be some of the most popular dates for getting engaged, so there are likely to be a whole lovely lot of newly titled  ‘bride to be’s’ out there at the moment. And because of that, and because I had so much positive feedback from this post originally, [...]

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Moving my Marriage.

As most of you know, I live in Russia. Not permanently – we’ve been here for eighteen months, and it’s a three year contract, so we’re halfway through our time here. We’re here because of Andy’s job, although I now work here too (for my sanity I HAD to find myself something to do – [...]

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‘Tomato’ soup.

Phil’s been working a lot of nights recently, which usually means I’m a lot of lonely. Of course, I’ve had my bathroom revamp to keep me busy-it’s stil in full(ish) swing, having been slightly delayed by the ‘misplacement’ of the electric sander. (Man Translation: I’ve lost it but I’m buggered if I’m going to admit [...]

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On becoming a wife {The Slideshow}

I’ve still got plenty more to tell you about the wedding. No. Really. You will be sick to the back teeth of it by the end of my leisurely stroll through the day of my wedding. We still have details (they were there, they weren’t fabulous, I liked them), speeches (I did one. It was [...]

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Oh My…..

With lots and lots of love to you all on St. Valentine’s Day, we have a beauty of a treat for you today on this scrumptiously romantic day…Enjoy! I’ll hold my hands up. I hadn’t heard of Anthropologie until very recently. When I did learn of it’s existence, I lost HOURS of my life on [...]

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I think I missed January. Seriously. Like when you drive home from work, or the supermarket and when you get home you realise you can’t actually remember getting home. I know January happened, here I am IN February, so January was definitely there…it just sort of…bypassed me I think. There was much unpleasantness to contend [...]

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The tale of the unloved dress

Today I’m going to interrupt the wedding re-caps for a while, to tell you the story of the unloved dress.  Those of you who’ve been following Any Other Wedding for a while will remember my dress drama back in August, when I realised that I didn’t love the dress that I had already. This (I [...]

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Nic…’When you know, you know. You know?’

It’s that time again-it’s been one whole month since we met Nic for the first time; can you believe it’s February already?! She’s back, and with a really perfect message, I think. I won’t give it away though, get settled on the AOW sofa and read on for the second installment of Nic and William’s planning [...]

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