On becoming a husband {7am -1.30pm}

Ok – we are an equal opportunities blog, and so as you’ve heard all about MY morning, I think it’s only fair that you hear a little about Andy’s yes? I was going to break it down into 7am -12pm and 12pm -1.30pm like I did with mine, but I’m thinking that the first part would be fairly limited and go like something a little like this.
7am – 12pm
9.00 Roll out of bed. Pee. Realise I have a slight hangover and go back to bed for a bit.
9.05 Woken up by incessant banging on door. Realise I agreed to go for a run with best man last night. Wait. Best man? Holy crap, I’m getting married today. I should get up.
9.30 Run.
10.00 Shower
10.05 Eat a ridiculously large breakfast, and am still hungry, so swipe leftovers off everyone else’s plate. Good job Clare’s not here, she hates it when I do that to her. 
11.30 (What? It takes a lot of time to eat). Hang around aimlessly with ushers and best man, getting in hotel staff’s way, unsure what to do with all of this time. Wonder why Clare was talking about getting up at 7am. What are they doing in there?
12.00 When is lunch? I’m hungry.
Which in all honesty, doesn’t make a great post. So I made it into one HUGE post. Except it really isn’t that huge, because I’m pretty sure that 12pm – 1.30pm went something a little like this.
12pm – 1.30pm
12.05 THANK GOD. Lunch has arrived. My stomach was beginning to wonder if my throat had been cut.
12.15 Decide now it is officially acceptable to get ready.
12.16 Ready.
12.30 Hang around aimlessly with best man and ushers getting in the way of hotel staff. 
1.00 Arrive at church and stand around nervously with ushers and best man, getting in the way of the vicar until people begin to arrive.
1.15 These people are all here because of us? Wow. 
1.20 Check the best man has the rings – josh around about him not having the rings, but still feel slightly relieved when he eventually shows them to me.
1.30 OK I’m ready.
1.32 Where is she?
Ok. It’s still not much of a post, I’ll agree. Fortunately though, Matt took some pretty cool pictures of all of this, so just ignore the above, and look at the pictures below of my handsome man. 
12.15pm -12.17pm
12.59pm – 1.30pm

* Disclaimer – this is all completely made up. I actually have no real idea of what is going on in Andy’s mind on any regular day, so it’s unlikely that just because it was our wedding day, I would have any more of a clue. I’m pretty sure that the food related bits were accurate though. And the pictures are good yes?

*All photos, as always, by Matt Davis Photography*

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  1. Posted January 28, 2011 at 9:37 am | Permalink

    You make me laugh. And the pictures are very good x

  2. Posted January 28, 2011 at 3:52 pm | Permalink

    Clare – the photos are great! And I love the thought that that was actually how it was, even if it wasn't really ;)

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