New Year, NEW stuff!

A fluffy, pretty, inconsequential post from me today…clothes! Whilst I can’t afford anything because it’s JANUARY (I HATE January.) that doesn’t mean I can’t make myself feel better by indulging in a bit of window shopping! And it’s Spring Summer 2011 window shopping too…I also HATE the sales. With a passion, possibly because I work around clothes and the sales are the very worst times of the year for me-I cannot bring myself to spend any more time around the ‘reduced’ rails than the 8 hours I spend looking at them every day for work…! Also, whilst I j’adore mooning over Louboutins and See by Chloe with the best of them, I’m nothing if not realistic and I’m a’sticking to the High Street.

So, here’s what has brightened up my rain-soaked Monday and made Phil hide the credit card…

This STUNNING chiffon one-shouldered number from Monsoon. That I may or may not already have in navy. Dressed up with gold peeptoes and arm cuff, makes me feel like a bona fide Grecian goddess.  Scrumptious.
These yummy coral pink suede Miss KG die-hard heels. I veeeery nearly had a similar pair from Faith as my wedding shoes but chickened out due to the 5in heels. I think of them often…and now have a way to make these recurring dreams stop. Buying these!
An Oasis tea dress with the most flattering neckline…black woolly tights and a long jersey cardigan for the end of Winter into Spring and bare legs and ballet pumps when the weather allows it…why, it practically pays for itself!
Now, I’ll be the first to hold my hands up and say that the best canvas for this uh.may.zing bag would be a simple but sexy LBD with minimal accessories. Which isn’t really my style. But, gosh, I could make it my style for this scrummy Accessorize clutch.
It’s from the Topshop Tall range, so forgive me for indulging mY lanky giraffe-necked, gorilla-armed self, but this jacket would look fabulous with the tea dress above as well as with skinny jeans and Uggs. Yum.
I’m a size 8 in the dresses and a 10 in the jacket, for those of you who were going to rush out and buy all this loveliness for me, ‘kay? Thankssomuch.
Let me know if there’s anything incredible out there that I need to know about for February-dresses and fabulous shoes are always welcome on my Wish List and I’m forever searching for the PERFECT pair of jeans…looking forward to your recommendations!
Have a fantabulous Tuesday everyone,

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  1. Posted January 10, 2011 at 10:11 pm | Permalink

    Oh my god those shoeeeeeessss!?!? Love them, but I'd feel far too tall in 5 inch heels, so I might just save the picture and admire them from afar x

    ps surrendered to uggs at crimbo and they are delicious. So very cosy. But guess what happens when I left them alone in our kitchen overnight? A mysterious slug came out and drooled all over them- urgh! (don't worry it wiped off)

  2. Posted January 11, 2011 at 10:40 am | Permalink

    So much prettiness. Am mucho loving the accessorize bag.

    I am officially the worst sales shopper EVER. I go along with all good intentions, but always get distracted by the pretty 'NEW' collection tucked away in the corner, and inevitably come home with more 5 full price items and not one bargain. BAD Clare.

    One of my most favourite non sale purchases towards the end of last year though was this cardigan – >;=browse&pfm;=browse&colourRef;=00-BLACK

    Not only is it the perfect weight cardigan – nice and heavy and warm feeling, but thin nd expensive looking, so doesn't bulk you up, but more importantly, you can wear it so many ways, including as a dress. Cost per wear will be almost nothing on my black one – I pretty much lived in it over christmas and new year (it is the PERFECT travelling cardigan – smart looking but lovely to wrap yourself in on a plane or train). It isn't cheap, but I bought it in Duty Free when we were on our way back from honeymoon, so it was 15 pounds cheaper. I MAY have also just bought it in grey too when coming back trhough Duty Free this time. And I am keeping my eye on that oatmeal one too, although Andy may have got wise to my 'just popping into Ted Baker to see what's in the sale' by next time we fly.

  3. Posted January 11, 2011 at 1:29 pm | Permalink

    I am a bad sales shopper too – like you Clare, I end up in among the new, expensive stuff!

  4. Posted January 11, 2011 at 7:17 pm | Permalink

    Emma-we get slugs too! Though I never see them, just come down in the morning to slimy goop trails. Lovely. And excellent work on the Uggs-I don't care how commercial they become, they'll always be the single comfiest things I've ever put on my feet. And they last forever….I got mine in Australia 6 years ago for my 18th birthday and they're still going strong!

    Clare-must you keep rubbing this amazing dress/cardigan/garment of wonder in my face?! So jealous….

    LWLM-no such thing as a bad sales shopper, ending up amongst the new stuff is a sign of excellent taste! I'm fairly sure the only acceptable way to 'sale shop' is online….

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