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The House of Marbles

So, I survived the Monster-In-Law. Thank you, sincerely, to all you lovely ladies who piped up with super helpful advice on how to deal with her-whilst I avoided the whisky and valium, I did work very hard on simply being there for Phil, being the best wife I could be. And, major result, we only [...]

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On becoming a husband {7am -1.30pm}

Ok – we are an equal opportunities blog, and so as you’ve heard all about MY morning, I think it’s only fair that you hear a little about Andy’s yes? I was going to break it down into 7am -12pm and 12pm -1.30pm like I did with mine, but I’m thinking that the first part [...]

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How to waste your day….

Go here. Seriously, I have no clue what kind of crazy genius it has taken to come up with these nuggets of complete wisdom EVERY DAY, but I salute it. Particularly this one… Paul Rudd Be him. Indeed. But amongst all the hilarity, vaguely-disguised affection and downright grossness (not a word, you say? I don’t [...]

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Loving yourself {revisited}

You know, when I wrote the post about how I didn’t love the photographs from our wedding,  not because of the photography, but because of how I looked in them, I’d only had the photographs for a few days. Two weeks on, I’ve had time to fall in love with the pictures, regardless of how [...]

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From here We saw Black Swan a couple of days ago and Oh My Holy Cow, it was sensational. If you are looking forward to watching it and are expecting a beautiful ballet biopic with tutus and gorgeous costumes galore that tells the story of a tortured soul who just wants to dance…. that’s not [...]

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On becoming a wife {12pm – 1.30pm}

It is 12 o’clock and we are waving good bye to the ladies who used their immense talent to make us look wonderful, when the first guests start to arrive. We will spend time watching them arrive, and each new person that we spot will buoy us up onto another wave of happiness. We will [...]

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My Other Half.

‘In sickness and in health’… If you choose to use the traditional wedding vows, whether in a civil or religious ceremony, you will utter these words as you vow to love the other person, for all of forever. If you’re marrying in Church, you’ll have had some form of pre-marital counselling and will have discussed your vows, with [...]

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On becoming a wife {7am – 12am}

As I lie in bed listening to the bells on the church in which I will get married today chime out seven times, my bridesmaid’s alarm goes off and I finally feel like it’s allowable to get up. I’ve spent the night thinking about how wonderful it would be to just elope, but as I [...]

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Loving yourself

Well, once again, I’ve been off gallivanting around the globe and, once again Aisling has kept the blog up and running with some brilliant posts over Christmas and New Year. I am now a little scared though, because I’m pretty sure that at some point she’s going to up and go somewhere ( like Oz [...]

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New Year, NEW stuff!

A fluffy, pretty, inconsequential post from me today…clothes! Whilst I can’t afford anything because it’s JANUARY (I HATE January.) that doesn’t mean I can’t make myself feel better by indulging in a bit of window shopping! And it’s Spring Summer 2011 window shopping too…I also HATE the sales. With a passion, possibly because I work [...]

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