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It’s Chriiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiistmas!!!!!!!!

Christmas Eve, at least! This is us, signing out for the festive holidays…it’s a short and sweet one as Clare is busybusy packing to come home (eeeeeeeeeeeep!) and I’m 4/5 of my way into a 70 hour week at work-oh the joy! But seriously, as we all end our year, hopefully on a high-Clare and I [...]

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A plea.

Hand on heart, honestly and truthfully, how many of you ladies can say that you regularly check your breasts? If I was being honest, 6 weeks ago I’d have said ‘Yes. Sometimes. Um….No, not really.’ 6 weeks ago I’d have balked at the idea that a fit, happy, otherwise healthy woman in her 20s, or 30s, or [...]

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A winter wedding dilemma

I am in need of some serious style advice and you lot are going to give it to me. Ok?  To give you a all a little background – I am a PLAIN person. I wear plain clothes. As in no patterns. I like black. And grey. And some beige. And if I’m feeling adventurous, [...]

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5 reasons I could NEVER live on my own.

I am a smart, savvy, independent and grounded woman. I don’t take bullsh*t from anyone (except my Mother), I’m a sarcastic mare and I have experienced a fair bit in my 23 years. I can change a tyre, plumb in a washing machine and make a mean lasagne. I enjoy time on my own, whether [...]

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On becoming a wife {The Engagement}

Sorry about the weird half posting that’s been going on all day ladies – here is the final version… Ok ladies….I am in a bit of a quandry, because whilst I desperately want to tell you more about The Day, I don’t yet have the photographs from the photographer. And I’m pretty sure that a [...]

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Morning all! It’s now 14 shopping days ’til Christmas! Raise your hands if, like yours truly, you’ll be doing the majority of your shopping and wrapping on that 14th day…and if you’re all done, with labels written and ribbons tied, PIPE DOWN. I don’t want to hear it. Thanks. Today should be a post that [...]

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Family Festive

Christmas. Traditionally a time for, well, traditions. Usually family ones, but there are also the Christmas Eve nights spent in the pub with old friends; same pub and same friends, every year. Midnight Mass in the village, Flight of the Navigator at 3pm on Christmas Day, toothpaste and a new toothbrush in your stocking. (Just [...]

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On becoming a wife {Friday}

The final day of the preceding week. Before the day has even really started, I have an altercation with a woman in the post office. This may be related to wedding stress, but at the time I’m convinced it is just down to her stupidity.  Looking back, I may have been in the wrong. Afterwards, [...]

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Lovely Lucy and Tom…A Short and Sweet Engagement

Phil and I were engaged for 7 months and 18 days. Though we knew we would one day say ‘I Do’, I was adamant that there would be no more than a year between ‘Will you…?’ and ‘I now pronounce you…’. I’ll be VERY honest here, I just don’t see the point. Congratulating the glowing [...]

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