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Happy Wedding Day to yooouuuuuu…..

It’s THE DAY. The actual 6th November 2010. The day that Fliss and The Man get to dress up, look pretty, spend time with their friends and families and most importantly-say ‘I Do’. Without getting too ridiculously soppy, I can honestly say that Fliss is one the most amazing women I’ve met in a very [...]

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Oopsy Daisies….

To the B E A U tiful Sam, whose stunning wedding should have been featured on here today-I am sorry my love! It was scheduled to post automatically…but did not. Obviously. So that Fliss’ wedding gets it’s own day on the blog tomorrow, I’ll post the incredible ‘English Wedding’ on Monday and you can all [...]

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On Saturday I’m going to a wedding. MmmHmm….THAT wedding. To quote the awesome Angie, ‘Holy Shitballs!’ I’m so excited to be sharing in Fliss and The Man’s day-it’ll be the first wedding we’ve been to since our own and I can’t wait to see another couple as gosh-darn happy as we were 5 months ago. [...]

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So. This is it.

Tomorrow we fly back to the UK, and on Saturday, we get married. So this is me, signing out. Fear not though I have a few scheduled posts from some really wise women coming up, and of course Aisling will be here posting as normal.  A strange sense of calm has descended over me. I [...]

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