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On becoming a wife {The preceding week}

Saturday  I wake up to find a cup of tea on the book next to my bed, and the smell of pancakes cooking in butter. This is our Saturday morning ritual – when you live overseas you create your own traditions to give you something to cling to, something familiar. This Saturday morning is special [...]

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A Confession.

Before I start to tell you all about our wedding, I have a confession to make.  ‘The Man’, is not his real name. His name is Andy. I know, not much of a confession, but it helps me build up to the real one. The REAL confession is that ‘Fliss’ is not my real name. [...]

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Date Night

‘Date Night’. I don’t know why but the expression makes me cringe. The sentiment, I love. But why does it have to be called ‘Date Night’? Eeew. Not that I have any suggestions as to an alternative. We call it ‘No-it’s MY-turn-to-choose-what-we-do-this-time-you’ve-had-like-5million-goes-at-deciding’ time. I think spending quality time together, for us certainly, is akin to [...]

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A letter to my future self….

I have followed Claire’s blog over at Cakes and Bunting now for a long long time. Claire is exactly the type of bride that I wanted to become when I started Any Other Wedding. Her wedding will be about what her and her man want it to be about. She is taking what she wants [...]

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There are so many thing I want to tell you about. So many flipping wonderful moments I want to share with you all. So many myths I want to dispel, and so many more ‘myths’ that I want to say ‘good god yes, that really does happen, and here’s how I dealt with it’ to [...]

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Love Flaws

More gorgeousity in the form of wonderfully wise words from the darling Anna K…I actually love her. Back in the days when I was single, and courting various gentlemen (usually Indonesian beach-dwellers or tortured artists), I used to make lists.  Lists of the Ten Qualities Essential in a Mate.  The Ten Qualities I could not [...]

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‘Life is what happens whilst you’re busy making plans’ and the one that goes like this ‘You know what they say about the best-laid plans….’ Um. No. What DO they say?! You get the gist though. You shouldn’t formulate a concrete 1/3/5/10 year plan because somewhere along the line something will come along and pop [...]

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A Summary…and an epiphany.

An exquisite lace dress, hundreds of tea lights, a fancy dress box and a collection of vintage wedding photographs. A man who was smiling so much he was verging on goofy, writing ‘love’ with sparklers in the crisp cool night, peach roses the size of your fist and origami hearts. Cupcakes you’d sell your shoes [...]

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Wise words from a wise lady…

I cannot tell you how excited I was when the lovely Anna K (of RMW fame – again), agreed to write me a post from the ‘other side’, being a nearly old married of one and a half years.. She is one wise lady, and not only that she manages to be eloquent, intelligent, and [...]

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An Unlikely Love Story {The finale}

I am super excited to be able to post this now. Although you guys will be seeing this whilst I’m away  preparing to GET MARRIED TOMORROW, (oh sorry, did I mention that already?), I’m busy formatting this post 5 days before the big day. Without a doubt, Sam’s post is exactly what I needed to [...]

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