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Alcohol and…. Nappies?!

I read an article last week entitled ‘Too old to get drunk and party, too young to talk about nappies: A Young Mum’s trials.’ Riiiight…. Why should anyone have to do either of those things, exactly? After reading the title and getting suitably riled up, I proceeded to read the rest of the article with a [...]

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Via here I am still in the same place as I was last Friday. Albeit with a little more anxiety and a lot more excitement.  In addition to this though, I was given a delightful present by The Man this weekend. Not the diamond earrings I’d heard of other brides getting from their intendeds. No.  [...]

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A strange place to be….

Via here I am smack bang in the middle of a really strange time.  My emotions veer wildly from one extreme to another. I am excited – I get to be married to my forever man in two weeks and one day and about 5 hours time. Not that I’m counting. I am nervous – [...]

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One Week Ago Today….

It’s a short one from me today. I have a god-awful sinus infection and feel kind of like Hagrid is standing on my face….add to this fact it’s about 3 degrees outside equals moi, curled up on my sofa sniffing and huffing my way through copious amounts of tea and tissues. Boo. Anyway. One week [...]

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The word I hate the most.

Via here There is nothing that quite gets my goat, like the random use of the word ‘bridezilla’ for any bride who happens to give a sh/t about her wedding. Actually, the whole concept of a ‘bridezilla’ and how it is used now really gets my goat. I totally appreciate that there are some brides [...]

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A Question…

So. We’re all about the caring and sharing here on AOW, especially these last few days. You gorgeous lot have help Fliss out with her escort cards and family photo problems and I’m sure lots of you were super-excited for Theresa over at BrideOnTime who got married on Saturday! Basically, you’re all a bundle of [...]

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Family Portrait

So…. you know how in the last post I promised that I wouldn’t be asking for any more help? Yeh. I sort of lied a little bit.  But in my defence, at the time I didn’t think I was going to need any more help. So I really didn’t know I was lying. I like [...]

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A little help from my friends…(please)

As you will know by now, I am totally non-creative. I like need things around me to look pretty, but I am not capable of doing the prettying myself. So this is yet another plea for help. Look, there are only just over 3 weeks to go now, so there can’t be many more things [...]

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Looking back…

I’m excited. Fliss and I have had a good ol’ catch up via the genius that is Skype and Lordy do we have some plans for this beauty of a blog! As I said to the lady herself, I don’t know quite where we’re going-but I know it’s gonna be pretty awesome. So, I’m off [...]

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Beauty and the beholder.

Via here I’ve long struggled with body (and facial) image issues. I’ve always wished I looked like someone else. Anyone else really. I compare myself to other people ALL THE TIME. I analyse why they are so much prettier than me. I find myself staring at people in the street who have clothes that fit [...]

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