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Movie Weddings

I was never one of ‘those girls’. You know, the ones who KNOW they are going to get married and KNOW they are going to have the perfect wedding with the fairy-lit marquee and the beautiful man in tails and the clouds of gypsophila and the….um…the swans?! Over on the delectable RMW recently there was [...]

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Where did you get that dress? {Part 1}

I honestly, not pretending, guides honour, would not buy my dress from a wedding dress shop if I had my time again.  That is certainly not to say that you shouldn’t – there are some great ones out there. Feel free to comment below if you’ve found a great one that you want to tell [...]

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I’ll get by with a little help…

Morning ladies, Aisling here with my first official post as part of Team AnyOtherWedding…I don’t know if it’s my own change in circumstance, that of Miss to Mrs; or that one of my most wonderful friends is about to become a Mummy, or that generally we all seem to be ‘growing up’, but I have [...]

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The English Wedding

Remember these two? Well today, we are very excited to say, is the lovely Sam and Monty of  An Unlikely Love Story fame’s ‘English wedding’.  You’ll remember how amazing their ‘Indian wedding’ was, so we’re so pleased that Sam has promised to come back and share how she feels after this wedding, and what the differences between the [...]

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Newly Wed Diaries- the End or the Beginning?

When I received Aisling’s guest post on being a newly-wed, I was immediately excited. She totally ‘got me’, and her post fitted in so perfectly with the blog. Judging by all of your lovely comments, emails and tweets, you all thought so too. And who am I to argue with a bunch of intelligent, smart, [...]

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Things I’ve learnt about wedding dresses.

From here Over the course of the engagement, I have had much (self-inflicted) dress stress. I *know* that really, it’s just a dress, but something inside me can’t let go of the wedding industry mantra that ‘the dress is the most important thing’, and that the day is all about looking beautiful. In fairness, I [...]

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Wedding panic {continued}

Source I’m pretty sure that this is what the inside of my brain looks like right now. Saturday just gone was officially 8 weeks until The Wedding. Please excuse me whilst I become simultaneously excited, overwhelmed and a teensy bit nervous. Normal service will resume shortly. PS Just want to check – it is OK [...]

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Lessons in Love

From we heart it   Back when we’d only been together a few months, but if we’re honest, knew that ‘this is it’, and that we’d likely be together for as long as either of us could foresee, the man read something in a magazine which said we should check that we had the same [...]

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The Newly Wed Diaries

As we get closer and closer to our own wedding, I’ve begun thinking about after the day itself and what the bit after it will be like. You know, the marriage part.  Will being a Mrs feel different to a Miss? (That’s if I decide that I will be a Mrs) Will our relationship change? [...]

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Don’t try this at home

I have made a significant wedding related error, and felt it only right to share it with you all. I’m SURE that no-one else will ever do this, as it is SO SO STUPID, but you know, in the interests of public warning, I thought it best to tell you what I we I did. [...]

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