In at the shallow end….

I started this blog to open up an area for women to talk about all things wedding. The pretty and the not so pretty. Now, the last two posts have been about the not pretty, but equally as beautiful sides of marriage. But you may have guessed, that although I have this thoughtful side to me, I also have a deliciously shallow side. I love prettiness. I like things to look nice. I’d like for ME to look nice, but that rarely happens, and so I concentrate on making my surrounds look pretty.

But you would be forgiven for not noticing that, as this blog is spectacularly unpretty at the moment. I am not technically minded, and being a bit green to the blog world, I am struggling to make it look how I want it to look.

So girls, how did you do it. Many of you have your own blogs – how did you make them all beautiful and shiny?

Fliss x

P.S. In the meantime, my apologies for the continuously changing fonts/colours/themes/headers/other technical thingamybobs that I have no idea about, that you see each time you check in – I promise once I find something I like, and you all don’t think is horrendous, we’ll stick with it. Opinions welcomed.

{Edited to say}

Bonus points for ANYONE who can please tell me (in simple, very simple terms), how I would go about moving the writing in my header so that it fits in my shiny new header image. I am losing the will to live. This is a theme with me that will follow me through my life – I like pretty – I’m just not good at actually MAKING pretty. Why won’t it just work?

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