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Do me a favour*

I am going to be pretty controversial here, so hold on to your hats.  We won’t be having favours at our wedding. Yep, that’s right, You read that right. Am I still even allowed to call myself a wedding blogger? Should I resign or something? Is there a a weddingfavour anonymous I should go to? [...]

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The prettiness…..and a plea.

Following on from my previous post where I did a lot of whinging and a bit of showing pretty dresses, I have a possible solution to my problem.  A friend here in Russia has found a wedding dress maker. Wahoo you might say. Well yes, in one way I’m rather excited about the fact that [...]

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Some wedding panic and some blog love.

Just a quick post today as I’m right in the middle of an ohmygodtheweddingisonlythreemonthsaway panic and am currently desperately writing 132 page lists of things THAT I REALLY NEED TO DO, whilst attempting to persuade myself that I REALLY DON’T NEED TO DO THESE THINGS. Unfortunately I think I really DO NEED TO DO some [...]

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The prettiness…

So when I started this blog I promised thought-provoking posts intermingled with prettiness, and so far I’ve been 100% useless with the prettiness (and hopefully at least a little bit ok with the thought-provoking). To give you a bit of background to this pretty post, I’ve been having a dress drama. I know I KNOW. [...]

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The gift of giving

I have always been against us having a gift list. That’s not to say that I think other people shouldn’t have one, just that, for us, I didn’t believe it was the right thing to do. I really really don’t want people to buy us presents. Is that weird? I am very keen to receive [...]

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A rose by any other name.

Even before we got engaged, I’d always assumed I would change my name to my man’s last name. Although I am someone who strongly believes in equality, changing my name was just something I felt I would do when I got married. Even after we were engaged, I still was sure I would change my [...]

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In at the shallow end….

I started this blog to open up an area for women to talk about all things wedding. The pretty and the not so pretty. Now, the last two posts have been about the not pretty, but equally as beautiful sides of marriage. But you may have guessed, that although I have this thoughtful side to [...]

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Our final destination

So….where to go from here? What angle do I want this next post to have? Which of the deep, frankly very scary, topics should I start on? Or should I just tell you a little bit more about where me and my man came from, and where we’re planning on heading? I’ll start with the [...]

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Marriage, blogs, and me……

There are a lot of wedding blogs out there. Believe me, I have a google reader full of them. I have the traditional wedding blogs, that tell me that if I don’t cut the cake, and have my bridesmaids in matching wedding dresses, it’s not a perfect wedding. I have the indie wedding blogs, that [...]

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